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Sharing Spirit’s Stories

Thank each of you for making the Spirits of Amoskeag book so successful. Peter and I have been honored to share the spirits’ memorable stories, and have many new stories to share as well. Since we made a commitment to you, our readers, to let you know what has happened with the spirits, we are now planning to share some monthly stories on the Spirits of website, and regular posts to our Fans of the book: Spirits of Amoskeag Facebook group.

For instance, one year ago, I was sharing quite a businesslike PowerPoint presentation on the Spirits book with a group of intuitive individuals. There were many questions asked and several people had intriguing mill-yard stories of their own. At the end of the night, one very intuitive practitioner approached me and asked if it was my birthday. I said no, not until November. She said that the whole time I was talking, there was a young man standing next to me holding a cupcake with a single lit candle. He seemed intent on giving it to me. She kept telling him, “Not right now, she’s talking!” Then it dawned on me… that very day was the one year anniversary of their book. On that day, one year before, five preliminary copies of the Spirits of Amoskeag book were placed in my hands for review. I had totally forgotten about it; however, the spirits remembered! Memorial Day weekend will always stand out in my memory as the day their story was told. We are honored to have been of service to these wounded young heroes. They deserved so much more in life and we are committed to helping keep their memory alive.

Once the book was published, Peter and I continued to meet weekly to gain more information and to help others in need. After three years of regular meetings, we have helped hundreds, maybe even thousands of spirits to find peace. As such, we have entered into a business arrangement to assist others to clear their personal energy and homes. If you have experienced disturbances from possible spirits around you, your home, or know someone who has, we invite you to schedule a Clearing Consultation to discuss how we might be of assistance.

There are many stories that we would like to share about the spirits of the mills and other similar stories. For instance, in one session, four superintendents or owners of the Amoskeag Mills came through… sheepishly embarrassed by their actions and asking for forgiveness. They let us know that initially they felt their intention was honorable. The children had been so mangled when they were caught in the huge machinery that the only help that could be given was to gently euthanize them. As executives, they were afraid to let the word get out to the public, so they covered it up. Over time, children with less life-threatening injuries were eliminated as well. For this they were deeply sorry. They even told us of other sites that bodies were buried.

Sometimes, the young Amoskeag spirits will check in just to say “thanks” and to show us they are happy and grateful. Other times they come through with requests. After a meeting with another intuitive friend, she said that one of the boys came to her in a dream, asking if we would hold a Mass for them. They had been so unceremoniously dumped that they wished for a proper burial ceremony. We are in the process of arranging a Mass in their honor to celebrate their young lives from so many years ago.

Numerous people have let us know their own “ghost” stories of the mills. The Spirits book has given many people an explanation for the things that they have seen or sensed in and around the mill-yard buildings. We are happy to share some of these fascinating tales as well. If you are interested in hearing more stories like these and would like an opportunity to share your stories, check out the website, or join our Fans of the Book: Spirits of Amoskeag – Facebook group.

With thousands of cases over dozens of years, I am planning a comprehensive, didactically-based training program to teach other spiritual based hypnotists compassionate ways to truly help lost spirits. Attendees will discover step-by-step techniques that have been developed from treasured teachers on my journey. I feel there is much work to be done to help the living find their peace… by assisting lost spirits to find their peace. If you are interested in learning more, check out the Spirit Release Program on the website, or reach out to me privately.

We thank you for your interest in the unseen spiritual world. We wish you much peace, hope and happiness on your journey.

Many Blessings,

Lois Hermann & Peter Paulson

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Mary Said…

I went for hypnosis to relieve the extreme pain in my left leg. For the past seven years I have experienced pain from a clot in my leg that went undiagnosed for nine months. I was told there would be permanent damage to my vein and there was nothing I could do about it.  

Amazingly, it took only one hypnosis session to release the pain. I was in what I would call a mild self-hypnosis state and was very aware of everything. The brief Journey took us to converse with the pain. It was in that process that we found a spirit attached to me that had died in a car accident with injuries to her legs. Once the spirit was taken into the Light, the pain left with the spirit… and has not returned. 

Honestly, as I went through that experience, the feeling of having the spirit with me was very evident, both as she made herself present, and as she left. It was truly a mind-blowing experience! She apparently came to be with me during one of the times I was hospitalized over a seven year period. I was in and out of hospitals with complications from the escalated pain and from injuries because I fell a lot. The leg was unreliable and unsteady. It is now steady and I no longer fall. It appears that during one of those hospitalizations the spirit found my family to be lovely, and decided to stay with me. I’ve been blessed to have her with me for some time. Now we are both pain free. I pray for her all the time. I would not want either of us to go through that pain again.  

That was a day that will live in infamy in my mind. I have had no pain from the moment that session happened – that was four weeks ago! The pain is completely gone. The very next day, I went on a six mile hike with no pain at all. I walk my dogs every day and have had no pain since the session. No flare-ups… nothing. It is completely gone. I don’t have words to describe it!

The process was amazing. Very simple… very quick and unexpected. I came with no background whatsoever in hypnosis or therapy of any sort. It was very easy, very user-friendly. It was life changing. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who has any health issue, diagnosed or undiagnosed, known or unknown, it’s worth exploring. If you find something in the session, that’s awesome… and if you don’t, you won’t be worse off. This was a huge miracle, and a huge testament to all that you do. Thank you!

Mary W – Communications Consultant


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