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 Tap Into Your Higher Consciousness

Many of us pray, meditate, or simply commune with nature to find inner, spiritual peace. Did you know that you also have the power to connect with higher realms of consciousness using the power of your mind? Some people have a gift of being able to tap into other realms quite naturally. Psychic mediums see, sense, and sometimes channel those who are in spirit form. People who are spiritual intuitives are also able to see and sense events past and future to assist the living. Many of my clients realize they are empaths or empathic, which means they are sensitive to and feel others’ emotions. They can become overwhelmed by exposure to extreme emotions. I am amazed at those who have developed these gifts. Yet, many consider these gifts a curse. They have a hard time living their day-to-day life while controlling their emotional responses. They must learn how to turn it off. They need to learn how to protect themselves from their sensitivities, to control their “sixth sense.”

Most people are able to tap into this sixth sense while in a hypnotic state. With wise, protective guidance, clients allow their mind to become quiet enough to tap into higher realms of consciousness, to visit with past loved ones, and connect with positive energies such as angels, Guides, or Masters. They receive answers to prayers, responses to questions, and have real dialogues with departed loved ones. Is it their imaginations? Are they making it up, or is it real? I’m never exactly sure; however, what matters most is that they get answers that they need, learn to trust their inner wisdom, and tap into guidance from their wise mind.

Children often have a natural ability to connect with imaginary playmates, angels, unicorns, and fairies. Is it their imaginations, or are they truly sensing the unseen? Just last week, a friend, taught me how to see a fairy! The little twinkle of light in the middle of the dense forest was delightful. Was it real? Can’t say for sure… but it made my day! Many children speak of things they should not know, express emotions that are somehow misplaced, or experience nightmares or night terrors. Some have imaginary friends, see monsters hiding under their beds, or suddenly become angry for no real reason. Consider that their young, unfiltered minds could be sensing the spirit world. Positive or negative, to them, it is very real, indeed. With hypnosis, they take control of these images, thoughts, and feelings. They travel to their magic garden to commune with protective angels or positive beings that take away their worries, guide them, and keep them safe.

Adults can also tap into the unseen spiritual realm while in an altered state such as hypnosis. Once the mind is relaxed enough to be open, thoughts go to where they need to go. If the mind wants to commune with a favorite pet, the pet will come through and their presence will truly be felt. Many clients express that they get signs from passed loved ones, that they can sense their presence. In a guided trance, clients communicate with their loved ones, putting to rest any lingering sadness, guilt, or grief. They can see that their mother is happy, healthy, and in a much better place. I often say that it is as if the loved one has moved to Alaska, they are simply in another “state.” Their essence is still here, just in an unseen plane. You too can tap into this unseen plane for a visit through prayer, meditation, or hypnosis.

There are wonderful helping Spirits or positive energies that give us guidance and love. Yet there are other unhelpful spirits that hang around the living, too. There are spirits of people who were sad, mad, or unhappy at their death. They were unresolved with their death in some way and are still in the Earth’s plane. Those who died and did not go into the Light are stuck in-between. Some Christian religions call them the “lost souls of Purgatory.” I simply call them Earth-bound or lost spirits. Many clients have experienced these spirits around them for many years. Often the spirit comes to help at times of trauma, sadness, sickness, or just because they are lonely and the person looks like someone nice to befriend.

Unfortunately, these earthbound spirits bring their issues to their living friend. Because they have no life-giving energy themselves, they become like a parasite. They tend to drain the energy of the person they have become attached to. They bring their unresolved issues to their living host, causing the person to manifest unexplained fears, phobias, and emotions. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to assist these lost spirits. Once the living client is in trance, the spirit of the lost one can readily come forward and communicate through the client. Treated with kindness and compassion, these spirits can be helped to go where they need to go for transition and healing. The result is that the fears, phobias, and emotions that they brought to the living are often immediately released. Completely GONE. The living person may have a memory imprint that needs to be shifted, which is done easily with hypnosis techniques.

A corporate executive and medical professional, I discovered this unusual spiritual awareness quite by accident over 25 years ago. We had just moved into a house in Massachusetts, when my seven-year-old daughter told me that a lady came to sing to her at night. I discovered that the woman, a brilliant mathematician, was a prior occupant of the house. To escape her husband’s abuse, she shot herself in the head in what was now MY basement. What would you do? I was lucky. I had the incredible fortune to be introduced to a neighbor, Rev. Agnes Sallet von Tannenberg, a Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She and her friend, Father Paul Franz, came over to bless the house. To my surprise, instead of sprinkling holy water, they advised me that I needed to learn how to do this work. In shock, I did as they instructed, communicated with the spirit of Judy, and asked her to go into the Light. So, Judy no longer came to visit my daughter, but…. there were many others who did. My young daughter would see them and I learned to send them into the Light.

This started my quest to learn more about this unseen spirit world. It led me to learn hypnosis with numerous subsequent years of specialized study in past lives, the metaphysical world, and spiritual connections. I am grateful for the personalized mentoring from Albert Marotta, an amazing metaphysical hypnotist. In 25 years of doing this work, I am always learning, and feel compelled to share what I have discovered to help others find peace… both the living and the dead.

If you want to connect with your loved one for clarity and peace, or if you know someone who has unexplained emotions, fears, or phobias, schedule a consultation to discuss your needs. With thousands of cases, over dozens of years, I am now compelled to create a comprehensive, didactically-based training program to other mind-body-spirit hypnotists. Attendees will discover step-by-step techniques that I have developed from the teachings of treasured teachers on my journey. I feel there is much work to be done to help lost spirits to find peace so that the living can find their peace. If you are called to do this as I was, please reach out to me privately.

I wish you peaceful dreams, a good night’s sleep, and total enjoyment on your spiritual path.

Many Blessings,

Lois Hermann


Peter said…

Lois began helping me on the very first visit. By the end of that first day, I could actually feel the heavy weight of bad luck begin to lighten. In the time that I have spent with her, she has re-ignited meditative abilities that I once had. She showed me that as a person, I still have the strength and ability to cope with life’s vengeful turns. With her help, I confirmed what I’ve suspected about the disturbed ground that my beat-up house occupies. She helped to calm the restless spirits that used it as their gathering place.

I am truly fortunate to have met Lois. She is a healer, one that can skillfully adjust a person’s life’s course, using hindsight and knowledge that only a person who has personally suffered can offer.

Peter P – Private Business Owner

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