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How Does the Mind~Body Connection Ease Pain?

It is well-known that hypnosis helps change habits like smoking, excess weight, nail biting, and more. For decades, hypnosis has also helped people release fears, phobias and stress. As people allow old mental patterns to shift, the mind creates new thoughts, and develops fresh neuropathways that cause new habits to develop. The mind is a powerful thing. It can cause people to change anything they really want to change in their life.

Since we know that our thoughts create our reality, when we change our thoughts, we have the potential to change our physical reality as well. Hypnosis is proven to be successful for pain control, accelerated healing, and release of emotional based physical symptoms. When we carry intense emotions like anger, resentment, regret, or grief, they impact the energetic flow in our physical body. Our body ends up responding with ailments and symptoms that end up in dis-ease. Pain is a signal that something needs attention in our body and/or mind. Once all avenues of physical pain are investigated, hypnosis can help to reduce persistent pain and discomfort.

A powerful way to release the pain and empower oneself to move beyond is to look at the origin of an emotional pain, that is typically rooted in the past. Hypnosis allows clients to gain awareness, understanding, and forgive themselves (and others) for actual or perceived wrongdoing. The body responds to this emotional release by shifting the physical energy into a calmer, more relaxed flow. Letting go of mental and physical tension causes the body to relax the pain response, and discomfort shifts dramatically. Once relaxed, the body excretes natural enzymes that facilitate healing in many ways. We learn to stay peaceful and more empowered in the present moment.

It is amazing how many people hold onto past traumatic memories long into adulthood. These memories cause extreme tension and ultimately leads to physical pain and dis-ease. Check out this video demonstration on the Mind-Body Connection. See how our body responds to truth/fiction – joy/anger – and other disturbances to our physical energy. We definitely are what we think. Remember what Henry Ford said: “You think you can, you think you can’t, either way… you are right.” Believe it.

Mind/Body Connection to Release Pain and Heal Yourself:

  1. Release whatever thought, memory, or resentment is held in the mind (and the body) that creates subconscious or conscious tension.
  2. Embrace peace of mind through relaxation, mindfulness and self-hypnosis techniques to establish a calmer flowing physical energy.
  3. Allow the body’s energy to set to a new normal – reset away from dis-ease into a state of equilibrium where it will naturally regenerate and heal.

Often the first step requires assistance. Most people churn old memories over and over in the mind, like a hamster on a wheel. In order to break this mental habit, we might need a facilitator to help us snap out of it, to let go of those past memories. A skilled Hypnotist can be a valuable asset to help shift old memories that keep us stuck. In reality, we cannot change the memory, yet we can choose to change how we feel about it. Once the affecting emotion attached to the memory is neutralized, we have the ability to learn techniques to truly embrace peace of mind. While in a wonderful state of peace, the pain threshold lowers significantly, and healing begins.

The body has an amazing ability to regenerate, we grow new cells every second. Do we deliberately tell our nails, skin and hair to grow? Not usually. For most of us our amazing body does this naturally, of its own accord. The body has incredible ways to enhance its own natural healing abilities, to regenerate new neuropathways for health and healing.

In our office, once the old memory is released, and peaceful states are established, clients learn self-hypnosis techniques to keep their mind / body connection calm, peaceful and flowing. They learn to maintain their own state of healing energy through sessions, teachings, and tools that will assist them on their journey to health. One such tool is our Release the Pain ~ Journey of Inner Awareness Mindfulness Audio Program You can download it from the website. Use the SMILE coupon code for a 20% discount.

If you are stuck in old patterns of pain and disease, and sincerely want to change, come in for a consultation. You can schedule right HERE at our website, or call the office at 603-402-9134.

I wish you a life of peace, health and so much joy!


Lois Hermann

Happiness for health

Maria Said:

I wanted to thank you for your support and healing energy. What an experience with quick results! I slept last night, for the first time in years without discomfort. I hiked with my son and the dogs, 2.5 miles this morning, also without pain.
I’m continuing the positive messaging, meditation, and always start and end the day with gratitude. Please know I include you in those prayers as you’ve made a tremendous difference already.