Is your life OVERFLOWING with much to be grateful for? 

If not… would you like it to be?

To live an abundant life, the law of attraction states: “What you think about comes about.” Imagine that your mind is like a magnet. If you are worried, you draw more things to worry about into your life. If you are grateful for what you DO have, you will create EVEN MORE to be grateful for.

In these days of such political chaos, name-calling, and negativity, we need to keep from being pulled down into the abyss. When we deliberately focus on what is good in our lives, we shine the light of positivity which clears negativity.

Your attitude is the key. The attitude of gratitude is the largest magnet of happiness, success and abundance you will ever have. Gratitude works to create wonderful things and amazing results if you know how to use it.

5 Steps to An Abundant Life: 

1.  Start your day with gratitude.  Take a moment as you wake to think about all that you are grateful for:  the people that you love, your home, your job, money in your pocket. Start the day with gratitude in your heart and the intention of sharing joy.

2.  Cultivate thoughts of hopefulness and expectancy. When you are grateful IN ADVANCE for the opportunities that are ABOUT TO present themselves, you draw good things to yourself. When you focus your thoughts with gratitude, good things grow like flowers in sunshine.

3.  Notice how many times you say “Thank You” and double it.  As you go through the day, see how many times you can say, write or share thanks. Thanking someone even for a simple gesture makes them feel good, and causes them to want to do more. Sharing a smile sends positive energy that is contagious, kinda like a yawn. Interestingly, we feel better too.

4. Use gratitude to resolve challenges. Saying thank you for assistance with life’s challenges brings amazing resolutions. As you learn to be grateful for past experiences, you let go of the negative thoughts and keep the lessons that stimulate personal growth.

5. As you fall asleep, count your blessings.  In her book The Magic, Rhonda Byrne has a wonderful exercise called “The Magic Rock”. Before falling asleep, you hold your magic rock, reflect on the day and say “Thank you, thank you, thank you… for the BEST thing that happened.”

This exercise is especially good for people who have difficulty sleeping. The mind reflects back with contentment and creates a calmness that allows you to sleep peacefully. Contrast that with the mind that ruminates over the could-a, should-a or would-a’s of the day. Those busy thoughts stimulate the thinking mind, causing it to engage… preventing restful sleep. Stay tuned for more tips on sleep.

Keep the attitude of gratitude going and growing. It really is an easy thing to do. Say thank you… BE grateful… for everyone and everything. The more we share our thanks, the more comfortable we are with giving thanks and the more things automatically come to us that bring more thanks. Live with gratitude, share your gratitude and notice how abundant your life becomes.

I am ever grateful for you!

Many Blessings,


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Denali National Park in autumn, Alaska, USA, North America

Denali National Park in autumn, Alaska, USA, North America