In the madness of this crazy, intense world we live in, we all need an escape to recharge our vital energy. Couldn’t you use a respite from work, politics, personal dramas, and expectations?

Garden Escapes

These days I enjoy escaping into my lovely gardens. It’s a lot of work planning, investigating, digging, transplanting, weeding, pruning, watering, and mulching… yet the rewards of helping co-create a beautiful paradise with Mother Gaia are beyond compare.

Connecting with the energy of nature wherever you are, helps to shed the heavy mind talk, distance the body from EMF exposure, and reconnect vibrationally to our natural energetic set point. Becoming one with nature is the ultimate grounding experience. The rewards are layered amid released mental pressure, increased physical stamina, and renewed perspectives on life. Being one with nature offers a myriad of benefits surrounded by the vibrating buzz of happy bees, trilling calls of birds, and fragrantly beautiful blossoms. Nature enriches all our senses with treasures of healing delight.

Nature Escapes

As a child, my parents helped us escape the austerity of military housing through adventurous camping trips from places we lived all over the world. I have fond memories of waking up to the gentle clanking of cowbells while tenting in the pastures of Switzerland and remembering the sweetest fragrances of flowers among thousands of manicured fields in Holland. There were so many sounds of nature in parks across America, from grunting bears, and crackling fires, to the splash of waterfalls, strange-sounding birds, and wild animal calls. It was a lot of work for my parents to create these escapes from our daily routine, yet they offered opportunities to enjoy a variety of adventures in new lands as well as familiar retreats.

Great Escapes

There were times we enjoyed escaping to the beach. From the shores of the seacoast to quiet lakes, bustling rivers, and meandering streams, it was refreshing to embrace the sunshine, warm breezes, and fresh fish around the water. We are blessed to have many escape paths amidst the shores of America’s coastlines and mountain waterways. There are a multitude of choices for entertainment, excitement, or relaxation. Each person has the opportunity to create their perfect respite.

Many vacations were spent traveling, sightseeing, and touring also. Experiencing the sights, smells, and sounds of cultures in faraway lands gave me valuable insight into the daily lives of people around the globe. Having lived seven years abroad, the excitement of traveling was one of the greatest benefits of being raised in the military. As nomads, though there were few home-based roots, we enjoyed the richness of personal growth by experiencing interesting cultural differences in how people lived each day. Yet, it was even better to recognize the similarities in people’s hearts worldwide.

Life Escapes

It was wonderful that my parents found simple ways to expose us to nature in our sometimes great or simple vacation escapes. Military housing afforded limited opportunities to cultivate or create even the simplest temporary gardens for transient nomads. No wonder I now enjoy grounding in the garden so much!

Gardens take continual care to nurture, sculpt, and redefine based on nature’s ebb and flow of life. Trees die, shrubs get overgrown, wildflowers take over. There is a need for regular investigation, transplant trials, and discovering what works best where. We learn specific plants are happiest and healthiest in certain locations and conditions. Each is different and we can expect things to change regularly.

Tending the needs of gardens is similar to embracing phases of our lives. We thrive in certain circumstances, can outgrow our space, or get depleted by other situations. Sometimes, we need to transplant our focus to another direction to gain renewed vigor and refreshed growth for the next phase of life. As we revamp our energy to align with our purpose, we vibrate at higher and higher frequency levels, allowing ourselves to manifest the best life possible.

Recharging our internal batteries helps us survive in a world of uncertainty, inviting us to thrive in the face of change. When we find ways to escape into ourselves, we reset our vibe higher, can truly appreciate the joy of life, and are better able to encourage others to do the same.

I hope you find the perfect escape to recharge your energy and gain the vital strength needed at this moment in time.

Blessings of Great Escapes,
Lois Hermann