by Rev. Kat Carroll

So, that happened…. or not!  A lot of us got worked up over the Oct. 4 Emergency Broadcast which was touted in some videos to be a means to a zombie apocalypse amongst the vaccinated.  Do you remember the 1968 horror movie Night of the Living Dead or the 1954 thriller, I Am Legend? The memories are helpful for those who like to use predictive programming. There are numerous social media platforms with amateurs who create content. But is it based on fact, fear, or propaganda?

Another concern was mentioned in social media, “they” would know where you are! Sorry folks, as long as we’ve had smartphones, “they” have known exactly where we are! There’s no escaping that. While vaccination injuries are pretty clear, what we are also seeing is a ramp-up in fear porn on social media. But what are the sources of the information, and where did “they” get their information? Are you aware that many who were injured or passed away had this in their astrological charts? Right now, so many give away their authority and judgment believing the information in mainstream media, and many sources use social media for “likes” and monetization.

I was listening to a talk between Michael Jaco and Sasha Stone in an interview about world problems and I liked what Sasha had to say: “There is info, diss-info, and double diss-info” or what I like to call psyops within psyops. Who or what does that serve? At the moment, intelligence and the media apparatus are being used in 5th dimensional warfare and the general public can’t keep up. How can anyone know what’s happening when so few we choose to listen to act authentically?

Here’s my question: If you didn’t hear about any of the crazy and scary stories being pushed through the media, would it make any difference in your daily life? In my opinion, we have so little control over what we hear but we do have control over how we react. The other choice is to not tune into it when we question the truth and authenticity of these people. Why follow a source that causes confusion, fear, depression, and anxiety? We need to use better discernment in what we watch and choose to believe. If we believe everything we’re told (i.e., mainstream media, government, medical officials, etc.), then we’ve given away our own power, both of discernment and deciding for ourselves what’s true and not.

Who should we be listening to, and where should we be looking for direction in our lives? On Thursday, October 12, I would like us all to talk about the kind of information we allow into our sphere, and how it could influence us. I have invited a couple of friends from two different fields of study to be with us as well. They will be sharing how to obtain information from within, and from without (it’s written in the stars!).

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