How are you doing as this holiday season unfolds? Are you struggling with finances and worried about gift-giving? Are you saddened by friends and family who have drifted away in the wake of personal differences? Are you challenged by unrelenting illness and unsure where to turn? Are your thoughts focused on doom and gloom? Simply stated… LOOK UP! Go outside and look at the sky… the stars… the moon! Lift your gaze and your thoughts for only 17 seconds and you will shift your world. As you redirect your thoughts and lift your energy, your focus will lead to improved outcomes. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. When we ruminate over things that make us mad sad or angry, we attract more of the same. It is basic physics… the law of attraction. What we focus on… we create.

We have all experienced many things to be upset about this year. Yet those negative thoughts lower our energy, increase the chances for sickness, and invite more draining energy that leads to despair. If we catch ourselves mid-thought and redirect our thinking to something that gives us joy, we will raise our vibrational energy, allowing and attracting more things to be joyful for. Watch this fun video demonstration of how our body and mind are interconnected. Thoughts truly create outcomes.

In addition, what if took an action to bring others joy? Think of what you can do to help another that costs only time. Maybe wrap up some treasures that are gathering dust and give them as gifts. Bring some seldom-used clothing, linens, or toys to someone who could use them. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, community shelter, senior facility, or children’s center. What if you arranged a group to do something like caroling, baking, or decorating for someone who has limitations? When you give of your time, talent, or treasures, someone else may be delighted. All the while knowing that you will benefit even more! It raises our energy to lift the holiday spirits of another.

Recently, I was spontaneously invited to participate in a Christmas parade. I happened to be at the right place at the perfect time… and just said yes! Being on a float in the cold drizzling rain, waiving Merry Christmas to hundreds of families with smiling little tots who gleefully waived back… lit up my soul! As much as I was there to bring them joy, their gift to me was even greater. Do what you can for someone else. Shift out of the self-absorbed dull drums and watch as the true spirit of Christmas surrounds you and everyone around you. May your holidays be joyful… your friends be true and dear… and your heart filled with the deepest love ever.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Frohe Weihnachten, Felis Navidad, and Joyous Noel to All!
Brightest Holiday Blessings!
Lois Hermann