What are you doing to protect yourself from toxic exposure? I’m a huge proponent of energy protection. Team hope and I just completed an 8-hour Lightworker Energy Integrity Training. This LEIT program focuses on energy protection, healing, and empowerment as outlined in the Chronicles of Hope book series. 27 years ago, Archangel Michael advised us to ask for assistance across all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, social, financial, relational, technical, political, environmental, medical, educational… and more. Can you see how each of these areas has been under attack in our world? What if we had the awareness and the tools to protect, heal and empower ourselves across each of these areas?

In addition to protecting the spiritual self, we know there has been transmission of disturbing energies that we have identified in the auras of people since the jab first came out in the spring of 2021. We have consistently found orange, murky, muddy auras, with metallic sparkles and bots in everyone, those who have had the shot and others who have come in contact with them. Consider that the graphene oxide causes the orange murky tinge, while injected prions and other artificial elements create the metallic sparkles, bots, and bits. We have identified other non-organic parasites and emf responsive elements in hundreds of cases. Our guides have given us exact steps to clear, balance, and protect our auras. Our mission is to teach you how to do this too. When you subscribe to our newsletter, you receive dozens of tools, including recordings of the Sacred Space and Energy Clearing processes.

Other people are noticing similar situations in our energy fields and are doing their part to help people to clear the shedded or transmitted toxic elements. Liz Kendall noticed something was amiss with our energy and started investigating. Based on her discovery, she developed her own special line of Shungite soap products. She is with us today to share her story about how she came to create her Carbon Noir Soap Company and an amazing product line specializing in shungite.

Music: Rise by Danny Gokey – https://youtu.be/TJS42sKrM8c

Website: www.carbonnoirsoapcompany.com