Happy New Year 2022!

I hope you continue to be inspired through this Holiday Season and well into the New Year. As you embrace lessons learned in 2021, you may choose to release the drama and keep the nuggets of truth to empower yourself. There have been many important lessons brought to us through this trying year. If we choose to apply that knowledge towards this moment in time, we can manifest a peaceful, successful 2022 – the year of unlimited potential.

For many, last year brought incredible learning opportunities. As TV programs were eliminated, I allowed myself to venture into the world of discovery through reading, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, and informational videos on a huge variety of topics. I really feel as if the year 2021 expanded my knowledge and education beyond my wildest expectations. I could write entire blogs on each of the following topics, yet to begin this year, let’s start with a few snippets. You can also listen to the New Year 22 Inspiring Hope Radio Show that includes some favorite song selections: Inspiring Hope Radio Show

1. Expectations
It has been a powerful year to learn about expectations. Many of us place way too many expectations on ourselves and others, which often leads to disappointment. There are folks who tend to be demanding, which causes feelings of needing to do something to help. Ultimately it results in feelings of being disappointed or disempowered. As we let go of expectations of both ourselves and others, we do what is right in our hearts. We learn to live in the moment and enjoy what is and release the burden of having to appease others or prove ourselves. This year, I recognized my own pattern around expectations placed on myself and became more aware of those who expected me to be or do something. As I came to understand my own motivations, I was able to let go of imposed expectations and accepted what was without judgment. It is important to set goals for ourselves to be used as roadmaps. Yet we must remain fluid and flexible as we allow things to unfold organically, naturally, without pressure.

2. Curiosity
This year has taught me more about remaining curious and asking questions than ever before. As I watched situations unfold before my eyes and observed people’s blind obedience to things that seemed unusually confusing, I decided to remain like a child… curious, eager to learn, and discover truth for my own self. Columbo has long been my hero… Adopting his method of asking seemingly stupid questions is critical in developing a sense of knowing. Never take anything at face value. We must ask, stay curious, and be like children who just want to know more.

3. Truth
What is truth? In the process of questioning everything, I discovered that there are so many layers of truth and mistruth being shared with the public. I was surprised by the number of people who took misleading statements at face value without question. To be real, truth should “ring true” or resonate within one’s own mind, body, and spirit. I have never been one to memorize things to recite on command. I’ve always had to understand “why” and put things in my own words. Maybe that has worked well for me over time. I remain curious and open to learning more to discerning the truth for myself.

4. Honesty
Honesty is always the best policy. My children will tell you that growing up, if they were honest they would be in less trouble than if they lied about something. What I have discovered is that the average person is honest. However, the ones who present information to the public tend to be dishonest. Somehow, dishonesty has become the rule in our government, media, and other institutional systems. It is important to be honest with ourselves about our beliefs and be open to discerning new choices, based on updated information. It is also important to be gently honest with those who are open to self-discovery. Some may be sensitive to truths, and would rather believe mistruths that be corrected or informed. Be kind, gentle, and discerning.

5. Integrity
What exactly does integrity mean? From Archangel Azrael, I learned that most people don’t understand why they believe what they believe. They simply repeat what they have been taught to believe without understanding or discernment. To me, integrity is coming to stand as the integer of oneself, from a place of being who we are based on knowing oneself. “Do what is right because it is the right thing to do, not because you will gain something for it.” When one has integrity, we share from the heart based on doing what is right for self and others.

6. Faith
My amazing mentor recently told me it is very simple. You either have faith or fear, you cannot have just a little of both. Those who have true faith can sustain anything. When you know in your heart that goodness wins, you can look at the madness as an illusion being played out around us. As you observe those who claim to have faith with an open mind, you realize how much of what is portrayed is based on fear or greed. Then you can see people for who they really are. Faith leads us down safe paths and protects us from making destructive decisions. At times of crossroads, I’ve had dreams where I stepped off of a cliff into seeming nothingness and was immediately embraced by an unseen force and gently placed on the ground below. That is the true essence of faith to me.

7. Fear
In today’s world, there has never been so much fear surrounding everyone and everything. Everywhere we turn fear is generated, amplified, and encouraged. From the fear of catching some version of Covid, to being sick, treatment decisions, social labeling, job uncertainty, financial distress, societal divides, or family disputes, there have never been so many power and control dramas in our lives that are fostered by media sources and those in the spotlight. We know that fear produces sickness in humans. With all of the fear-based narratives swirling around us, is it any wonder people are getting so sick? Combat fear with knowledge, awareness, and faith.

8. Evil

I have battled evil entities with the Archangels in the spiritual realm for many years. Yet, never before have I experienced so many dark entities attached to clients and seen so much evil displayed openly in our world. Is it just that I am more aware? I’ve always been a busy person who works hard, prays, and trusts that people are doing the best they can. This year I have gone down a variety of educational rabbit-holes, learning about the levels of corruption in our government, politics, media, entertainment, judicial, educational and religious systems. Amazed at the level of deception and evil that has pervaded our world, I am equally amazed to discover that this has gone on for a long period in our history. This is nothing new and must be changed. We must learn to sharpen our powers of discernment and protect ourselves from deception on a daily basis. My team was given a Sacred Space exercise that we use regularly. You can find it at www.LoisHermann.com/Info

9. History
I’ve long been interested in history, traveled the world observing beautiful architecture, and explored cultural differences across many continents. I was also intrigued by the historic lessons shared by the Anquietas and others of the Collective in the Chronicles of Hope series. However, I have never truly studied the chronological history of our world. Along the path of discovery, I delved into some hidden history or buried mysteries of our civilization. It is said that history is written by the victors, yet, there is much that has been erased from recent history and other things that have been portrayed differently that should cause us to question. Learning about seemingly crazy concepts such as flat earth, Tartaria, mud floods, star forts, and amazing architectural structures that may have been used to create free energy sources has truly piqued my imagination. There seem to have been many civilizations that thrived, were destroyed, and erased from history. What really happened and why?

10. Revolution
The Archangel Azrael spoke of the importance of evoking evolution vs. revolution for humanity before it is too late. This gentle archangel stimulated my exploration into learning how the patriots of the American Revolution stood for what they believed and changed history. At this pivotal time, it is critical that individuals stand up for what we believe in and support those who are making a difference for our country. Interestingly, I was asked to speak at two Daughters of the American Revolution meetings based on my book: Spirits of Amoskeag, the Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills. This book represents the impact of the Industrial Revolution on children and society. In the process, I discovered my own revolutionary war lineage and made connections between the American, Industrial, and our current Cyber/Social Revolution. This exploration has caused my sessions to include helping lost ancestors and connecting with ancient heroes for their support in the spirit realms. What do you stand for?

11. Trust
Who can we trust these days? There is so much deception, I have learned to question everything I read or hear and trust nothing at first glance. Even the most honest public figures seem to have hidden agendas at times. One wonders if they are deliberately feeding misinformation or are simply misguided. It is critically important to be aware of what is going on in the world around us, yet trust your gut, and let your own intuitive knowing be your guide. Many individuals are on their own path of growth. The best way to discern if people are trustworthy is if they pass the test of time. Some fool themselves into believing what they tell themselves over and over. If you ask enough questions and observe how people respond over time, you will discover who is worthy of your trust.

12.  Illusions
A longtime student of A Course In Miracles, the text often described our world as being an illusion. We should avoid being attached to specific outcomes, and rather live our lives with a sense of curiosity, feelings of innate safety, and embrace intuitive knowing that everything is going to work out better than imagined. We really do not know specifically what is going on behind the scenes with individuals and in our public arena. As we live in openness, and question everything, we are less inclined to be deceived by illusion. Accepting what we know to be true, we can pray for resolution. Instead of being afraid of what might happen, we become open to creating a new reality based on our intention. We must learn to accept people for who they are, based on their actions, and avoid projecting illusions or mistruths onto someone based on hearsay, perceptions, or fears. Look beyond and above.

13. Vibrational Energy
Energy has long been part of my life. From the physics of ultrasound imaging to understanding interference in auric energy for clearing, I have a fair amount of knowledge about energy and vibrational frequency. This year, I delved into discovering more about Tesla’s use of energy as a valuable resource, and how different toxic agents affect the energy in and around our own energetic bodies. My team and I have long observed auras while in trance states and this year have noticed differences in the auras of people who have been exposed to toxic substances. We were given clearing techniques to preserve healthy, organic energy, and use them regularly to keep our energy strong and healthy. Click the link to enjoy the Energy Clearing & Alignment process we created: www.LoisHermann.com/info

14. Health
Our health is vital, and in the face of the fear and disease among us, it is important to maintain balance on all levels. There are many things we can do to keep our energy uplifted and strong. It starts with making healthy choices, including what we think, feel, and ingest – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Whatever we absorb affects our overall health and wellbeing. Reputable professionals share amazing remedies, resources, supplements to keep our bodies healthy during this critical time. There are also many mental and emotional practices we can do to keep our minds stimulated, emotions content, and bodies strong. It is important to maintain a daily practice of spiritual hygiene to keep our energy protected and all aspects of our bodies in symbiotic balance.

15. Slow down
I realized my tendency has been to work fast in everything I do. With the passing of our old-man cat, I had to take time to nurture him in his final days. Then with the addition of two new kittens in our world, I’ve learned to be more “in the moment”, to slow down, to pause, and enjoy their antics. They are teaching us and our other cat the importance of taking time to play. These little creatures look at the world with wide-eyed curiosity over every little noise, nuance, or movement. They then sleep soundly, peacefully, and do lots of stretching. It is important that we look at our world with those wide eyes of wonder in the simple things around us. Instead of coursing through life at a racing pace, let’s take a breath and place our emphasis on what is important at each moment in time. I’ve even developed the habit of listening to interesting podcasts or high-frequency music while doing routine chores. I find that my sleep is sound, my attention is focused, and the business of the day takes care of itself… in perfect time.

16. Nature
Being at home throughout this year has caused me to celebrate and embrace the seasons with much more appreciation. I watch the bending of the trees in the wind, notice the raindrops on the rooftop, feel the sunshine beaming through the windows, and crack open a door to smell the freshness of the air, no matter how crisp the weather. In the summer, I even sit outside in between sessions with my feet on the ground to connect deeply with Mother Gaia. I enjoy using a variety of her crystals and stones for protection against EMF interference from all sources of irradiation. Gaia has taught me much about calling on her loving energy for assistance with healing. She tells us that we are truly children of her bones, and desires to help us so that we can be of assistance to her wonderous family of creatures, large and small.

17. Connections
Working from home affords me the luxury of pacing myself and I do enjoy the quiet solitude. However, I also enjoy interacting with friends and family. I find that people rarely reach out to me first. They wait to be contacted. This used to make me feel lonely and somewhat annoyed. Now, I have embraced that many people want to connect, they are just too busy to take the time, or don’t want to bother another. I now make a habit of regularly reaching out to others through voice mail, text, newsletters, and social posts. There are several monthly gatherings that I host and even if one person shows up, we enjoy each other’s company, which is perfect. Think of someone who might like a call on any given day and just reach out to touch them. We must find the time for one another. Keeping ourselves connected builds relationships, trust, and boosts health.

18. Discernment
Another important insight this year has been one of discernment, of setting boundaries with certain people, places, and things. As a giver, my tendency is to rescue, to help, and encourage others, which ultimately feeds their sense of control, and can stimulate feelings of futility. When I realized some people don’t really want to be helped they simply want someone to listen to their complaining, I recognized that they have their own lessons to learn and I must let go. I cannot and should not take on another’s drama or pain, which diminishes their own experiential learning. As we embrace stronger boundaries and avoid being overly accommodating, we let go of the pressure to solve another’s dilemma and become more accepting in their ability to find their own way. Once they are willing to do their work and really want assistance, they can ask and I can choose to offer what I can from my heart.

19. Time
Time is the best teacher. It also heals all wounds. This is incredibly true. With the passing of my mother, I came to realize that time offers a magical journey, allowing us to review, reflect, and respond based on updated information. When we act based on present-day knowing, we may make rash decisions or assumptions that we wish we could re-do. They say that hindsight is 50-50, which is also true. There are many choices I would have made differently, had I had the insight of time. Yet, past choices caused me to develop skills that empowered me to be the current me, who is still learning and growing. We often wish things would move faster in our world, yet, right now we are still learning what is going on around us. If we were to pull the seed of knowledge out of the fertile ground prematurely, it would never bear fruit. We are collectively listening, learning, and growing into a world of knowing, and it is important that we take the time for ourselves to grow, to know, and to share with others.

20. Spiritual Awareness
I am ever in awe of the insight from the Guides of the Collective and how timely their messages are. As I worked to share Archangel Azrael’s session with you, I was amazed that when she came through four years ago, she described exactly what is happening in our world right now. This year, there have been many cases of spiritual knowing that have been validated. Connecting strongly with Mother Gaia to assist others in healing has been new and powerful. Discovering more about who Jesus and his disciples were through the lovely video series called “The Chosen” has allowed me to feel his beloved energy more strongly. Hearing other spiritual people describe cases of unseen entities similar to what I have dealt with for years has given me more clarity in my sessions and certainty with my questions. I am even learning about the Hindu pantheon of Gods and how similar they are to the Guides in our Christian-based spiritual world. We have such incredible knowledge in our hearts and minds, we simply must realize how blessed we are even when we doubt our own intuitive abilities.

21. Gratitude
Of course, gratitude is critically important to our whole-body health and well-being. Though my business focus has shifted this year to sharing in groups, trainings, presentations, radio shows, and getting the Collective’s messages out to the world, I still enjoy helping those on a spiritual path to empower themselves toward a happy, healthy life. My gratitude grows each day as I spend time every morning reflecting in mediative prayer, expressing deep appreciation for all that is good in my world, setting my intention for the day to be blessed with joy, and the grace of sharing that joy with another. Our Guides are ever around us, waiting to be asked for their assistance. As we express gratitude regularly to all those who assist us, especially our family of friends, our path will glow brightly to light our way.

22. Peace
In the year 2022 – I wish you peace. As we embrace all that we learned in 2021 – the year of mastery – we can make manifest our personal peace, which will expand to envelop peace in our community, our country, and our world at large. The occasional restless nights, as I lay awake, I find it is a perfect time to send prayers of peace to others. As my mind focuses on sending healing energy to specific people and others in our world, I find myself drifting into a peaceful, restful sleep and awaken refreshed, with a heart filled with gratitude. With this 2022 – year of Unlimited Potential, my intention is to republish the 3rd printing of Spirits of Amoskeag on Amazon very soon. With guidance from the Collective, I intend to create and publish Chronicles of Hope: The Archangels: Book 3 in the fall. I have set the intention to share their messages with you in a peaceful way, at the perfect time. Thank you for traveling with me this year… may the new one bring blessings of unlimited potential for each of us and all of humanity.

Many Blessings of Peace to One and All,
Lois Hermann