Discover the secret truths of Twin Flames with Dr. Harmony, a transformative force who guides Twin Flames on their journey toward holistic healing and unity. Joining our discussion is Scott Masciarelli, one of our ECA Experts who has an active interest in and personal experience with his own Twin Flame.

With Dr. Harmony’s background in chiropractic care, vibrational medicine, and a doctorate in divinity, she approaches healing holistically. As an Amazon best-selling author, award-winning card deck creator, quantum healer, and the founder of The Soul Writer’s Academy, Dr. Harmony empowers aspiring authors to find their voice, write their stories, and achieve their dreams of becoming published authors.

Beyond her individual guidance, she serves as a soulpreneur catalyst, helping lightworkers transform their passions into profitable purposes. Now residing in Sedona with her partner, they offer unique Sedona Rebirth Hiking Tours & Retreats, combining the vortexes’ transformative energy with personal and spiritual growth opportunities. Their retreats offer more than healing; they are a pathway to personal transformation and spiritual awakening. Their next event, the Sedona Rejuvenation Retreat, is happening April 4-7 th, 2024.

Dr. Harmony’s Book: Twin Flame Code Breaker

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