2024 adds up to eight, which turned on its side is the infinity symbol. Angel number 8 is a symbol of financial or material success but can also be a sign of balance and inner stability, positive changes in your personal life, and the power of infinite possibility.

In the Chinese Horoscope, 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, specifically the Wood Dragon year, which brings authority, prosperity, and good fortune. Wood burns but can reburn as coal, or be used to build shelter and furniture. Cuttings can be taken and replanted or grafted. Trees are resilient, and often when struck by lightning, burned, or even chopped down, they grow back again. In my mind, the wood dragon is a sign of profound resilience. Resilience is a character that most humans have and it’s been tested for many years, and we are still standing! This may be humanity‚Äôs year to spread its branches and flower. Whatever seeds are planted this year will sprout and grow long into the future while also spreading its root system around the world. Expect great changes.

Whatever 2024 brings, we will not just survive, but thrive, and become become stronger. Some interesting people born in previous years of the dragon include; John Lennon, Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King Jr., Vladimir Putin, Shirly Temple (Black), Ringo Star, Patrick Stewart, and Robert Oppenheimer.

No doubt, those born in the year of the wood dragon will grow deep roots and be well remembered for their achievements. May all of you experiencing the energy of the eternity dragon be blessed with peace and prosperity, good fortune, and personal sovereignty in a world of infinite possibilities!

Happy Wood Dragon Year!
Rev. Kat Carroll