We had a wonderful outpouring of folks interested in our special gathering. Many showed up, while others were unable to attend. Therefore, we recorded this Light Warrior Team adventure to share as we bring light energy for you to enjoy and join in on your own time.

Our amazing team gathers together regularly to clear the cloak of darkness and shine the light of truth in and around our world. We were excited to invite others to celebrate with us in preparation for bringing light to one of the most important times in our celestial calendar, Winter Solstice, 2023.

In this special journey, our LIght Warriors communicate with our Divine Guides of the Light, work as a team to clear the shadow of darkness that cloaks our world, and collectively shine the Light of Love to shift the energy of our beloved planet and all that lives in, on, and around her.

This event will be offered again soon for Lightworkers who are pure of heart and intend to be of service to humanity. Stay tuned for our membership programs that will be released in the new year. Stay connected with our team – register for our Insights Newsletter and follow us on Rumble, YouTube, FaceBook, and Telegram too!

We hope you enjoy this very special Light Warrior journey as we continue to shine the light of hope, love, and peace around the world for humanity, our animal family, our plant family, and our precious Mother Gaia.

Many Blessings,
Lois & Team

Watch on Rumble here: