Community Cooperation

Have you ever experienced true community? Having been to Maui in the past, I was excited to return to the land of “Mu” – the ancient land of Le-mu-ria, with the tallest peaks as our present-day islands of Hawaii. Delighted to be visiting another of the paradise islands, I was on Kauaii with the Truth Tour last week. In addition to spending time with the wonderful people who are dedicated to bringing truth to our troubled world, I met some amazing local people that truly exemplify a way of life called com“mu”nity.

Many islanders live together in a noticeable state of gentle kindness, with acceptance for, in celebration of, and cooperation with one another. It is very rare indeed to be surrounded by people who are truly heart-centered, filled with the glorious light of spirit, and eager to express unconditional love for and with one another, especially strangers. That said, we were cautioned to beware of imported charlatans, and spiritual imposters with demonic influence, who like bugs have been drawn to their beautiful islands of light.

Spiritual Infiltration

Even the most spiritual communities have been infected by some who have a controlling presence with egos that create disturbance and division. When you encounter someone who comes across as divisive or defensive, stand back and simply be the observer. If they seem to imply: “My oranges are better than your apples…” realize they are truly coming from a place of lack, with an inherent need to control. Jesus tells us “It is the desire to enforce what you believe on someone else that generates the conflict.” We are all blessed with unique information to share and we grow by being open to sharing with and learning from one another.

When you encounter blocks from certain people, pay attention to your inner knowing. Trust yourself. Be aware of divisive energy from those that tend to force their opinions, decidedly exclude, or act as bullies toward others. Regardless of how wise or popular they may appear to be, if someone is deliberately divisive they are resonating at a lower vibrational level and are less spiritual than they present themselves to be. Take notice. Be aware. Walk away.

We must be mindful of our own intuition or inner knowing. In time, people always show their true colors. When you sense flags on the court, take notice. Instead of taking things personally, realize the source of disruption is within these spiritual imposters, and step aside. When a door seems to shut, avoid the temptation to push it open. There’s usually a reason that we rarely understand at the given moment. Yet, as we learn to trust our spiritual guidance system, we will be gently led out of danger to a safe and protected space. There we can reflect on the situation, gain nuggets of insight, and grow with new understanding. Those who resonate with ego, control, and lack will ultimately miss the high vibrational boat and be left behind until they become open to learning some lessons, including humility.

True Community

Instead of comparing or competing with one another, what if we were to consider ways to create a blended fruit salad of oranges and apples with an enhanced variety of textures, rich flavors, and valuable nutrients? Archangel Azrael tells us “The more you think you know, the less likely you are able to learn. When you understand how little you know, you are willing to accept new information.” There are many who have gained fascinating information, yet no one person has all the answers or the complete recipe for life. Each of us has unique insights that can be seen as ingredients that when blended together make way for greater awareness. The Guides tell us when someone says theirs is the only way, it is best to walk away. There are many paths that lead to the light. As we are open to embracing and sharing teachings with one another, we all grow together. We must be like children to stay curious, learn from, and share with one another.

Contrast the inner sense of disturbance from ego-centric ones with the wonder and excitement of being welcomed into a place of true community, one of acceptance, sincere validation, and heart-centered connection. This type of caring community is where humanity’s future will thrive. Imagine living in a place of cooperation and collaboration without competition. As we are open to sharing from the heart with those who are willing to learn, more insight is gained, exponential ideas are formed, and miracles happen.

Welcoming you to a community of loving acceptance this lovely May. May your days be filled with the sweet fragrance of flowers, the warmth of the sunshine, and the beautiful melodies of the birds. Let us hold each other in the light of love, with grace, prayer, and peace.

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann