What do you know about mind control? As a hypnotist, I help people unravel deep-seated patterns, beliefs, and habits that are based on the mind’s perception of a situation. When compounded by repeated or intensive programming, the mind bypasses its critical factor and starts to embrace concepts that would be otherwise unacceptable. In the case of extreme or MK-ultra programming, the person can lose a sense of their true identity and be subjected to control by external sources or devious individuals. It is more common than you realize.

There are incredibly courageous individuals who have been abused in the worst possible ways walking among us. Today, I am honored to welcome Laura Worley who has survived some of the most horrific experiences and now dedicates her life to exposing the insidiousness of corruption at the highest levels of our government. Laura helps those who are ready to break free of slavery, rise out of the darkness, and never give up.


Music: Never Giving Up by Fearless Soul – https://youtu.be/BoA8xkiuts0