How many of us have dealt with extreme life-changing challenges? Many people have risen above some horrific situations that life has thrown at them. From surviving abuse to shifting financial devastation, to recovering from cancer or the loss of a limb. These amazing people find ways to thrive in spite of adversity. They are determined to rise above like the phoenix from the ashes, stronger, brighter, and more determined than ever.
The invincible Tina Hurley has risen above her own extreme challenges and created a movement to make a difference for others. Coming from her personal experience as an amputee, Tina is the founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization she created called “Less leg more heart”. This organization supports and encourages those who are recovering from limb loss. A charity that helps decrease pain and promote healing in folks with disabilities. Helping them to rise from the ashes like the phoenix with fresh opportunities, tenacity, and strength. Let’s hear her story and all she does to support others who are struggling with rebuilding a new life. Today, we celebrate Tina… a true hero this Patriot’s Day.

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