Sharing Gratitude in Times of Challenge and Change with Team Hope: Ann Bordeleau, Mary Fisher, Christine Peck, Lois Hermann, and Brian Hill

What are you grateful for this year? So many changes have happened in our world… people have come and gone… those with eyes to see know our world is in turmoil. Situations have caused us to question and doubt everything. What on earth do we have to be grateful for? We have each other. Many of us have found new tribes, new connections, and new people we can trust with our hearts. In the process of rescuing lost souls, our amazing Angel Team listens to their stories and gently helps them to a place of peace. We have witnessed so many beautiful stories of lost souls and angelic messengers. Working together, we encounter firsthand the battle between good and evil. While battling dark forces, we discovered a lot of sorcery at hand. We have been trained to recognize, block, redirect, and heal the effects of spell casting. Evil is all around us and hides itself disguised as wolves in sheep’s clothing, especially among the ranks of the lightworkers.

Be Not Afraid –