What do you think has happened to the integrity of our government? Do you ever stop to think about what has happened over the years to cause such a lack of respect for career politicians while enabling corrupt government officials? Do you personally know someone who has sincerely tried to make a difference, yet runs into roadblocks time after time? It takes the tenacity of a skilled deer hunter to be ever observant, shakes the brush when necessary, and take the shot at the perfect time. We the people are making a difference; we have the power to choose again… and we must do so to save our country and our world. Today, we are joined by a simple, yet very complex deer hunter who is involved in Vermont politics. Kevin Hoyt is passionate about getting regular folks like you and me involved in local politics. As we speak out and step up, the power of “We the people” will make a difference.

Music: Survivor – Eye of the Tiger – https://youtu.be/btPJPFnesV4

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