Diane Hebenstreit was asked to be the conduit for messages from the Higher Council of Light for the Summer Solstice. In preparation for the channeled session, using great discernment, Diane decided to get clarification on who these beings were… here were her beneficial questions and their answers:

by Diane Hebenstreit
June 10, 2022

Question: Higher Council of Light, tell me something more about you.

We are a collective, from the higher mind, throughout the galaxy. You are individualized, but you are also much more than that. It’s like going up a stairway, step by step, or you can fly. We prefer the direct route. We want to bring to you some enlightening messages to help you with your ascension. You’ve been very sweet for accommodating us in this way. We’re grateful.

Question: I’m grateful to you for giving me this opportunity

We want you to know that all can be undone, or do-over. If you find yourself in a fix or a jam, do it again. Do it a different way. We are happy to counsel you on how to reconstruct, and put pieces back together again in a different way. While This could be your life, life situations on earth can get tricky. Sometimes you need help, and you know you need to ask. We are more than willing to counsel you. We are a collective. A Collective of infinite intelligence. Individualized entities that have unity consciousness. The group is aware of the thoughts of others, of the thoughts of the God Mind. The Group is aware. There is no separation. Unity means there is no separation. It’s not hard to figure out. When you act as one, there is unity. There are different pieces. But our minds blend. When we raise our thoughts up to the highest and purist, it’s vibration. Raising vibration that causes one to ascend. And in unity, the ascended masters can influence divine thoughts in mankind. If you’re open to it. We are most grateful that you’re allowing us to communicate in this way.

Question: Are you of the light?

Most certainly, of the highest light possible. We are the higher minds of mankind. And eventually, we have within us the highest minds available to humanity. Don’t forget heart, we are also unified in Love. Love is the glue. Our Love serves mankind. To help you, to raise your vibrations. So you can communicate more effectively with a higher mind. Consciousness can ascend to the realms of higher thought. Like going up a stairway or elevator. Set the intention and away you go. In this realm, we bring to you messages of Peace, of Love, and Harmony. These messages can spread throughout the universe instilling the seed of unity.

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