On today’s very special show we talk about making a deep connection with our animals. The Anquietas tell us that “humans retain all of the instincts of all of their ancestors, not just human and pre-human, but all of the instincts from all of the animals in the evolutionary chain.” However, most humans are more into their heads and ignore their natural instincts, which leads to disturbance, discord, and disease.

Mother Earth’s spirit, Gaia described herself as the sum of all consciousness on the planet. All living things are part of her. She is the life of the planet. As such, she feels and expresses what all other living creatures are feeling, from plants to animals, and humans. Gaia is the life force that lives in and around all of nature. We are all interconnected through her in a web of living energy. When we live in touch with her and are connected to the wonders of nature, we thrive.

Michele Lowry, an incredible animal communicator joins me on the show. She is a wonderfully gentle soul who believes that animals are here to teach us and are usually here to help us on our healing path in some way. Michele believes our animals are more than mere pets to take care of. They communicate with us all the time, we just need to pay closer attention and learn to listen for their wisdom. When we can be still enough to tap into their energy, we are able to truly sense their insights and discover why they are sharing our journey with us. There is so much we can learn from them.

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