Times of Change

We are living in an incredible time of change in our world right now. On the surface, there may be many things that seem frightening and worrisome, yet most Lightworkers know that we are here to make a difference in the ultimate outcome for humanity. When we ask questions and inform ourselves, we discover the shocking extent and depth of darkness that surrounds us. Please remember, this is nothing new. Humanity has faced darkness before many times. The need to dominate others has been around for eons. In our own American history, we fought through the American Revolution, standing for truth, liberty, and freedom against those in power who would take away our rights and tax us into submission. Our power was taken away again in the Industrial Revolution where the common person was forced into industrial slavery, making goods for the elite at the expense of their own quality of life.

The Nazi infiltration started methodically, manipulating the hard-working people of Germany to the point they were complicit in accepting the genocide that was going on in front of their eyes. Remember also, that Jesus walked the Earth at a time of extreme darkness, where people were ruthlessly persecuted, and their liberties destroyed by the governing bodies. In his Chronicles session, Jesus tells us: “What ultimately brought down the Roman Empire was decay from within, to the point they no longer had the will to defend themselves.” We must wake up to the fact that we are facing similar situations now.

This cyber-intellectual war we are experiencing today is a silent invader that has insidiously infected the energy of people without them even being aware of it. Since there are no tanks rumbling down the streets or blasting sounds of bombs exploding nearby, many people are blindly complying with mandates from the controlling powers of this day. Humans have been systematically programmed to replay and repeat what has been planted in our minds through cartoons, games, music, news, commercials, entertainment, and so much more. We have been trained to comply without asking why. Many are starting to shake the sleep from their eyes, and are waking up to the awareness that we have been systematically deceived. In many cases, people are shocked at what they are finding.

Mind Control

Those who understand the power of the mind and the mental/emotional connection know that the mind can be entrained to repeat and comply via vibrational energy. Fear is a low-level vibrational emotion that conditions people to react with negative energy and has long been used to control the masses. When one becomes more aware of their surroundings and independently chooses to elevate their vibrational frequency to a higher vibe, they wake from an induced state of trance. As one consciously embraces techniques to shift and lift their vibrational frequency, they empower a higher vibrational energy to embrace positive change and take back control over their own mind.

In the sessions of Chronicles of Hope: Book 1, the Anquietas discussed the concept of vibrational energy and how it affects all living things. We were told that throughout history the Universe is made of energies and vibrational frequencies. There is a natural flow of energy that can either drag us down or lift us up, depending on our own vibrational levels. They tell us: “Everything operates at a vibrational frequency. As the energy of a dimension drops, it is easy for Low-Level Energies to get through. Right now, the vibrational energy of Earth is so low that it is easy for negative energy to cross. At the same time, it is harder for positive energy beings to get in because their energy is so much greater.” We must choose to raise our energy to be able to connect with these wise beings.

All beings across the Universe are made of vibrational energy. We vibrate at different levels based on our emotions, how old our spirit is, the number of lives or incarnations we have had, and the type of spirit; for instance, animal or human. Raising our vibrational energy systematically allows us to experience higher-level emotions. For example, if we can lift ourselves from fear to courage, opportunities abound that were there all along; we just didn’t see them because of the self-limiting lens of fear we were wearing.

Low-Level Energies

There are entities that feed on fear-based emotions causing our energy to drain. These Low-Level Entities also seek unprotected higher vibrational people to feed on as well, they are attracted to the bright light in others like moths to a flame. With so much energy to feed on, it becomes easy for these dark ones to pass through the veils around Earth. The lower we allow the vibrational energy to drop, the more of these beings come in, which lowers Earth’s energy even more. Left unaware, humans will follow a path that will ultimately lead to destruction. Humans need to bring in higher vibrational energy to restore themselves and secure the barriers around our Earth. Only our consciousness can stop the negative. We must make a conscious effort to increase our vibrational energy to be the light that drives out the lower vibrational energies. It will take effort. Yet, humans are masters of vibrational energy and need to work to make the shift so higher-level beings can assist. It is easier to allow higher vibrational energy to enter if we turn the spiral of negative energy to the positive. We need to call on guides from the light such as Jesus or Archangel Michael to assist. When asked, they will always help. The lower humanity sinks, the harder it will be to interact with these high-level beings of Light.

The Anquietas explained the vibrational energy challenges that people face daily, giving clarity as to what we can do to shift our energy to be more positive. As we clear what is holding us back and reclaim the emotional energy drained by the pain of the past, we elevate our energy to become open to communicate with loved ones, angels, and guides. Only then are we able to receive clear answers to our questions. The insights shared from our wise guides contain important answers to help shift the energy surrounding humans today. We have compiled many of their suggestions to help you clear the negative and maintain positive energy in our seminar series: Transform and Transmute Toxic Exposure.

Energy attracts towards other similar energy. The higher the vibrational frequency we hold, the easier it is to connect with others of like mind, and the wise guides become more able to communicate with us. As we share the light of healing energy with each other, we all absorb the energy needed to advance to our next highest vibrational plane. We must plan a way to bring in and maintain higher vibrational energy. It only takes one spark.

Hope Raises Vibrational Energy

Many humans have lost hope, they have stopped trying. Hope raises vibrational energy; success raises vibrational energy. We need to use our creativity to stimulate creative thought and feel what we create matters. We need to feel like winners and warriors. We need to start the turnaround to the positive by starting sparks, even two at a time. We can do this. People have given up hope in religious institutions and need to separate spirituality from religion. We need to generate our own uplifting beliefs to increase our vibrational energy. People must choose a path to walk and follow their hearts. Wanting things to get better generates negative feelings of want. Believing things are better increases positive energy. The difference between wanting, believing, and knowing is important. Knowing is the best, it is the strongest. Knowing how the world can, must, and should be, generates the strongest positive force.

Hope raises vibrational energy, and the more hope we have, the higher the energy rises, and the more improved our end results. The Anquietas gave us a Roadmap for Hope with simple everyday suggestions that we can use to lift our energy to be more positive. Are we going to stand back and observe this downward spiral of hate, blame, fear, greed, and death? Or… are we individually going to raise our vibrational energy, and support others in our community to collectively reverse the energy spiral to a hopeful, promising, and protected place? It is time to be the light in the darkness as we hold onto hope. The future of our children and our children’s children depends on us. Let us choose to lift our energies and join together to make a positive shift for the good of humanity.

Blessings of Hope for Humanity,
Lois Hermann