Welcome Spring! Yesterday was the spring equinox, the first day of spring, one of two days in the year that is completely balanced… light and dark, day and night. We are now moving toward longer days and shorter nights as we move into the season of new beginnings, growth, change, and sunshine.

How are you doing in this time of continued world-wide imbalance? If you are experiencing continued stress, fear, and frustration in this unpredictable, unprecedented time, that is very normal. Would you like some tools to diffuse the negativity in your body and shift yourself to a place of peace and serenity? My guest, Harlyene Goss, and I discuss some of the issues people are facing today with dissension over masks, vaccines, and more as we share tools to stay uplifted on this journey. The Guides of the Collective have given many suggestions to maintain peace and harmony, and Harlyene has some wonderful tools to keep yourself healthy… mind, body, and spirit.

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