At this time of incredible confusion, many are feeling betrayed by allegiance to patriotism, some are concerned about the changes being implemented by this new president, others are holding onto convictions based on what they have been taught, while some are experiencing buyer’s remorse, wishing they had paid more attention to what was really going on under the cloud cover of personality bias. People are being encouraged to viciously attack others because of differing beliefs, ideologies, and theologies like never before. Where is our freedom of speech? And who is listening to one another with an open heart?

We hear from Dr. Jim Peck who believes we must walk a mile in another’s shoes before we judge. We must have open conversations with one another and start to listen from our hearts. He shares his experience with how their practice members are experiencing many health challenges in this time of confusion. People must learn to ask questions, be open, and understand options for masks, vaccines, and more. He offers suggestions as to what we must do to stay healthy in this critical time of awakening.

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