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Success Coaching Helps You Discover Many Ways to Achieve Success Using the Power of Your Amazing Mind.

successDiscover Your True Potential with Success Coaching.

Do you feel “stuck” in your professional life? 

Are you struggling with stress, lack of organization, motivation, ineffective goal setting, or fears such as public speaking? Our unique blend of personal and professional coaching can help you succeed!

With our Personalized Coaching ProgramsSuccess Seminars, and Professional Success Video Series you will learn ways to empower yourself and connect with the amazing power of your mind to establish a new mindset, positive patterns, and healthy business practices.

Are YOU ready to use the power of your mind to embrace life’s changes, achieve your goals, and truly enjoy your life?

Schedule your Initial Consultation at our Contact page or call 844-777-7812. Get started now… your results are one step away. At the consultation, we will discuss your situation and answer all of your questions. Together, we will create a success program that is designed to help you begin achieving your goals today!

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Our Coaching Programs

Success Coaching

Empower yourself to establish a new mindset, positive patterns, motivation, new habits, and establish healthy business practices.

Success Seminars

Success Seminars, webinars & professional presentations for individuals, business professionals, and social organizations.

Success Videos

Develop incredible confidence, improve communication, achieve your goals, and manifest the life of your dreams at your own pace.


What People Say

“First I felt broken, and there was only so much I could handle at that point in time. With Lois’s hypnosis coaching my goals were accomplished and beyond. The emotional swings I went through are now more like up and down rolling hills rather than jagged mountains. My self-confidence is up… I just feel good. I believe in myself and feel like people believe in me.

Some of the sessions were very intense, mind-blowing to say the least. I learned so much about myself in those sessions than I ever thought possible. I can honestly say that after six weeks I am a completely different person than I was week one. I tell Lois that she revolutionized me. I am completely different in the way I handle my family, my marriage, my business, and how I handle stress, anxiety. I feel like right now I am in harmony with life and everything around me. This has woken me up spiritually to higher degrees than I even started with. I smile a lot more too.

Without a doubt, I recommend Success Coach, Lois Hermann for anyone who has any challenges going on in their life – spiritually, marriage, business, stress, anxiety, and self-confidence. The word I use is revolutional, it was truly transformational.”

Jason C.

Accountant, Amherst, NH

“I sought hypnosis for help with being on time. I was about to be fired from a great job simply because I was always late for work.

I learned a great deal about myself, resolving some old fears that were impacting my present life. As a result, I am now more on-time than ever.

Lois was kind and sensitive. She made me feel safe while under hypnosis. Through gentle guidance, Lois helped me let go of past traumas and old memories that kept me from wanting to be at work. She helped me to find myself and empowered me to want to do what I love to do.

I am very grateful, and definitely recommend Lois to others.”

Anne S.

Engineer, Nashua, NH

“I was looking for help with public speaking, stress, motivation, confidence and to attract success. With Lois’s coaching I became a more confident speaker and my business increased tremendously. I now have more confidence in myself and a much lower stress level.

The sessions were wonderful! Lois is such a warm and kind person to work with. I absolutely recommend Success Coach, Lois Hermann to others.”

Kelli K.

Interior Designer, Manchester, NH

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