Professional Success Video Series

Change bothersome Habits, limiting Behaviors, and Negative Mind-Talk. Empower Yourself for Healthy Business Practices.

professional success video seriesDevelop Personal and Professional Success with this Success Series.

Do you feel “stuck” in your professional life? Are searching for a breakthrough for your business? Do you want to enhance communication, increase customer satisfaction, and improve outcomes? Would you like to be more understanding, connected, and confident when working with clients, customers, patients, and/or staff? If you are struggling with concerns related to stress, organization, avoidance, procrastination, motivation, goal setting, fear of public speaking, or feeling disconnected, you can be more successful, resourceful and effective. If self-sabotaging behavior is costing you precious time and money, if your life is off-track and heading for a collision, you will benefit from Lois Hermann’s unique blend of personal and professional coaching.

You can change bothersome habits, self-limiting behaviors, and negative mind-talk. You will learn ways to take charge and empower yourself to establish a new mindset, positive patterns, new habits, and establish healthy business practices. If you are struggling to achieve a particular goal: release habits, increase motivation, embrace financial success, improve relationships, develop self-confidence, or enhance focus, Lois’s coaching sessions are personalized for your individual goals.

As you discover many ways to connect with the amazing power of your mind, you uncover the origin of the destructive behavior, the root cause of the negative mind-talk that leads to bothersome habits, and self-limiting behaviors. Once understood, you take control, and empower yourself to create a positive mindset, helpful patterns, healthy habits, and establish a happy, successful, and abundant lifestyle.

Professional Success Video Series $97.77

Learn skills to develop incredible confidence, improve communication, achieve your goals, and manifest the life of your dreams in this video series that will help you achieve personal and professional success. These video seminars are designed for everyone from students to caregivers, to professionals. This series of seven videos should be taken consecutively, as each class builds on the prior one. Listen to the videos, practice the exercises, and develop some amazing personal and professional skills that will empower you for life!


What People Are Saying

“I thoroughly enjoy Lois`s Success classes. I attend as many as I can and always leave with great wisdom & insight. They are total nourishment for the soul. With life’s constant turbulence it is nice to have a place to go to center and discover peace.

I recommend these classes to anyone who would like to discover more about themselves, and grow in ways only dreamt of. Lois`s positive nature is infectious… she is a gift to all who know her.”

Denise M.

Business Owner - Manchester, NH

“The Success Seminars are a great place to experience the real you and meet other like-minded people. Lois will bring you to a state of deep relaxation after which you can see yourself for who you are and where you want to go.  I recommend this for those seeking more joy and peace in their lives.”
Rick L.

Independant Sales - Keene, NH

“I needed to deal with all kinds of things in my life including procrastination, being scattered and unfocused. Since the sessions, I am more focused. I have the desire to go out and do the things I want to do. I now know I can accomplish what I want and have the tools I need to get it done. Hypnosis is unique and different than regular therapy. It seems to really get to the core of whatever the issue is and address it and change it into something new. It is like giving birth to a whole new self. It is really enjoyable.”
Sue W.

Massage Therapist - Nashua, NH

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