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Lois Hermann & team enjoy providing Success Seminars, Webinars & Professional Presentations for individuals, business professionals, and social organizations. We are passionate about helping people achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams. These special Success Seminars give you powerful tools to re-program thoughts for success.

Schedule classes to boost personal success, professional development, and spiritual enhancement. We tailor any class to suit your group’s needs. Our seminars are interactive, insightful, and entertaining. They cover a variety of topics that will encourage and enforce a happy, prosperous and empowered life individually and as a group.

Contact Lois & team to discuss how they can assist your business, team, or social group with a Success Seminar, Presentation or Workshop at your place. They can be delivered individually, in series, or combined as a longer workshop.

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Success Seminars


Goal Setting for Health, Wealth & Happiness

Have you set your goals with all good intentions, only to let them die on the vine in a month or two? Did you achieve your goals last year? Read more...
Most people rarely achieve their goals because they lack any real commitment, vision, or have a plan of action. If you would like this year to be the year that you actually achieve at least one goal, schedule this seminar. You will experience unique goal setting exercises that combine the power of visualization with mindfulness training. If you would like a reboot, to take control, and feel better about achieving success, take this class. Get some traction in your life as you discover some successful goal setting strategies for health, wealth, and happiness.

Stressful to Successful

If you often feel overwhelmed, stressed, drained, or anxious, learn some ways to stop it. Read more...
Too much stress destroys your peace of mind, interferes with your thinking, and can actually do harm to your body. Being overwhelmed not only affects you, it affects those closest to you as well. Stop it before it stops you! Experience some powerful stress-busters to help you take control and relax. Learn easy-to-use stress-management techniques to increase your effectiveness, your efficiency, and enhance your enjoyment of life. Take yourself from stressful to successful and breathe easy.

Incredible Confidence

Do you feel awkward in certain situations, or uncomfortable speaking with some people, especially in front of groups? Read more...
Would you like to be more confident tackling projects, old or new? Whether you are dealing with challenging people in your job, or are a student refining your skills, this class will WOW you —as you build incredible confidence. Self-confidence affects so many areas of our life: work, school, sports, speaking, presenting, performing, as well as interacting with peers, bosses, teachers, and so much more. Participate in this class and come out of your shell to play! Find out who you really are inside as you allow yourself to shine! Change the old self-talk. Gain tips and skills to present yourself comfortably as you develop incredible confidence. Take charge of your world and be successful.

Powerful Communication

Many professionals are under pressure to deliver quality service efficiently and would benefit from some powerful communication skills. Read more...
Interacting with challenging customers, clients, and co-workers adds even more stress to the day. What if you were able to maximize your efforts by knowing some basic rapport building skills that lead to powerful communication?

Simplify, Organize & Manage Your Life

Is your scattered energy causing you delays and missed opportunities? Read more...
Eliminate thoughts and patterns that are holding you back… procrastination… disorganization… clutter. Discover many tools, including some principles of Feng Shui to balance the energy of your surroundings. Enhance your life, your career, your relationships, your health, and your wealth. Organize your home and work environment and feel the refreshed energy flow.

Strategic Networking Secrets

Are you are missing a golden opportunity to grow your business with minimal investment? Read more...
Would you like to discover some strategic networking secrets to fill your schedule with minimal advertising expense? As natural communicators, we can relate personally to other business people. As we focus on understanding how to help other business professionals grow their business, we naturally grow our own. Learn some strategic networking skills and become an expert Networker. Develop tools to connect confidently with others, and fill your schedule with paying clients and customers.

Attract Abundance ~ Live the Life of Your Dreams

Are you finally ready to have the success you wish for in all areas of your life? Read more...
Learn powerful secrets about the energy of positive attraction and attract abundance into your life. Take time to fully examine your historic programming about the meaning of lack in your life and change the message. Learn that whatever you focus on in your life, good and bad, will be attracted into it! Reprogram your master computer to accept responsibility… take action… set goals… and achieve results. Use your mind-power to create and live the life of your dreams.

Change Your Thoughts ~ Change Your Life

Learn powerful secrets about the energy of positive attraction and attract abundance into your life. Read more...
Take time to fully examine your historic programming about the meaning of lack in your life and change the message. Learn that whatever you focus on in your life, good and bad, will be attracted into it! Reprogram your master computer to accept responsibility… take action… set goals… and achieve results. Use your mind-power to create and live the life of your dreams.

Mindfulness Meditation ~ Embrace Inner Peace

We have long heard of the powerful health benefits of mediation. Read more...
By calming our mind, we become more effective, more resilient, more focused, and more at peace. Yet most of us make lists in our mind when we attempt to meditate on our own. What if you could learn the art of meditation, mindfulness, and self-hypnosis? When you train yourself to calm your everyday analytical mind, you escape into a mindset where the impossible becomes possible. Take this class to develop some simple meditation techniques to reboot your mind, and reset yourself for success.


Care for the Caregiver

Are you so busy taking care of everyone else that you forget the importance of Self Care? Read more...
Do you take care of children, parents, patients, clients, or the community? Are you so drained from caring for others that you sometimes feel exhausted, discouraged, unhealthy, or unhappy? Did you know that the better you take care of yourself, the better you feel, and the better you feel, the more successful you will be? Gain life enhancing skills that will improve the way you respond to daily challenges. Learn how to dramatically increase communication with those for whom you are caring. Discover how to use the power of your mind to enhance your personal, social, and professional skills. As you care for the caregiver in you, you transform your thoughts to stay healthy, happy, and create a more caring environment for yourself and those you care for.

Weight to Wellness ~ Think Yourself Fit & Healthy

Are you overweight and have tried everything to shed those excess pounds? Read more...
Are you frustrated with yourself and upset at how you look and feel? Overeating or making poor food choices is usually a distraction from uncomfortable feelings, or from being too busy to care yourself. Hypnosis coaching helps you to understand and neutralize those old feelings so that you are empowered to replace them with healthy ways of responding to your feelings. As you get comfortable with the new you, self-hypnosis will keep you on the journey from weight to wellness. You will discover how to think yourself trim, fit, healthy, and happy… permanently.

Kick The Habit ~ Stop Smoking Forever

Have you tried everything to quit smoking and seem to go right back to the habit? Read more...
If you have quit before… does the “Pack” lure you back into it’s unhealthy patterns? Are you tired of smelling and tasting like smoke? Are you finally ready to get healthy? Use Hypnosis to overcome your self-sabotaging behaviors and become a successful Non-smoker. Ellen DeGeneres did! Finally, become a non-smoker, an ex-smoker for the rest of your life.

Relationship Dramas ~ Change the Dance

Are you frustrated by certain people in your life… past, present and potential? Read more...
Do you find some relationships very draining? Would you like to let go of negative reactions to others? Diffuse the uncomfortable feelings and discover easy ways to connect with people naturally and effectively. Learn methods to communicate honestly, lovingly and respectfully so both parties get what they need and be more effective as a friend, spouse, parent and co-worker. As you embrace your true self, you change your approach and others respond accordingly. Change the dance, take your own steps and smile 😉


Empower Yourself ~ With the Magic of Gratitude

The world is really a reflection of what we think. As we change our thoughts, we change our life! Read more...
It is as simple and profound as that. Are you struggling with self-sabotaging thoughts of fear, sadness or worry? Would you like some powerful assistance to create more positive outcomes? You have all the power you need right in your own mind. Learn specific steps to eliminate negative thoughts that are holding you back. With the magic of gratitude, you focus on consciously choosing positive, empowering thoughts. You discover techniques that enhance your personal choices. Embrace infinite possibilities to change your thoughts, empower your spirit, and change your life forever!

Awaken Love – A Foundation for A Course In Miracles

The timeless book, A Course In Miracles sets the stage for a new awareness in spirituality. Read more...
Meaningful messages and meditations were channeled by two professors of medical psychology back in 1975. Author Bill Thetford gave this definition of the Course: “It is to help us change our minds about who we are and what God is, and to help us let go, through forgiveness, our belief in the reality of our separation from God. Learning how to forgive ourselves and others is really the fundamental teaching of the Course. The Course teaches us how to know ourselves and how to unlearn all of those things which interfere with our recognition of who we are an always have been.” This overview of ACIM will offer insights to help us remember our spiritual journey, as we awaken the Love inside.

Spirits Around You ~ Insights from Spirits of Amoskeag

There are spirits around us who attempt to communicate on a regular basis, with or without our knowing. Read more...
When we understand who they are, their motives, their story… when we listen with new ears, we can help them on their journey. The spirits involved in the book, Spirits of Amoskeag – The Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills shared some incredible stories, we uncovered many secrets involved in the history of the mills. As we helped the spirits transition to peace, we continue to discover unsolved mysteries from them and other spirits around us. This class will help you to recognize the spirits around you, and give you a greater understanding of how you can help them to help you.

Spirits Of Amoskeag - Book Discussions

We have had such a wonderful response to our new book, Spirits of Amoskeag – The Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills. Read more...
If you like history, mystery, spirit stories, or mill-yard tales, you will love the stories in this intriguing book. We have uncovered many secrets involving the spirits of the mills, and are continuing to discover more hidden mysteries. If you are interested in discussing stories like these, we are happy to get together to share the stories in and about the Spirits’ book.

Polish Your Inner Gem ~ A Light-Worker’s Guide to Spiritual Care

Are you struggling to keep yourself centered, grounded, and cleared of negative energy? Read more...
Are you a light-worker who gets bogged down in the negative energy of others? Would you like to know the secrets of spiritual self-care? Discover techniques, tips, and strategies from one who has learned to tame the tiger. Learn techniques to keep yourself clear, so that you can do the important healing work you are called to do.

What People Are Saying

“I really enjoy Lois’s passion for the topics in her Professional Success Webinar series. I come away from each class feeling stronger and better equipped to live a happier, healthier life.”
Maureen F.

Business Manager

“Our Marketing Team enjoyed a series of Lois Hermann’s Success Seminars. We really liked getting together and sharing our challenges and successes. The classes were a lot of fun, and, we learned a lot about ourselves and each other. It was a real skill-builder for our team who had not had much experience with a confident mindset.”
Katherine R.

Multiple Business Owner

“I have attended several of Lois Hermann’s professional development seminars and really enjoy them. She shares very useful tips and techniques that help us in our everyday world. In addition, while participating in one of her five minute exercises on communication, I learned more about a coworker that I have worked with for over twenty years than I ever knew before. Her seminars are both powerful and fun!”
Melissa M.

Medical Director

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