Success Coaching

Eliminate old Thoughts and Patterns that hold you back, shift your Mindset to Empower Yourself for Success!

Business SuccessEmpower Yourself with Personal and Professional Success Coaching.

Once you understand the cause of your scattered energy that causes you delays and missed opportunities, you learn to eliminate thoughts and patterns that hold you back…procrastination…disorganization…clutter. Explore powerful secrets about the energy of positive attraction and attract abundance into your life. Take time to fully examine your historic programming about the meaning of lack in your life and change the message. Learn that whatever you focus on in your life, good and bad, will be attracted into it! Reprogram your master computer to accept responsibility… take action… set goals… and achieve results. Use your mind-power to create and live the life of your dreams.

With on-going success coaching you address any shifts in their tracks, before they take effect. You stay on top of changes in business, people, and personalities to maintain a continuous flow of success. As you continue to practice your new skills, positive reinforcement makes them permanent. As you use different transformational tools, you develop positive habits to sharpen the tools for ultimate success. Coaching empowers you to enhance your life, your career, your relationships, your health, and your wealth.

Success Coaching


Improve study skills, test taking, career building and focus on where you are going.


Shift procrastination, clear the clutter, create balance, and achieve your goals.


Enhance motivation, public speaking, empowerment, presentation skills.


Visualize your goals, manifest your dream job, create the life of your dreams.


What People Are Saying

“I was seeking hypnosis for a number of reasons: anxiety, fear of public speaking, and discipline with being productive. I felt that I needed guidance. With the fear of public speaking, my heart used to race and my hands would tremble. Now I actually feel it is gone. I feel calmer, very comfortable, and grateful.

The sessions were different and intense. I know that the work being done is emotional and it felt good. I had to get past the emotions to get through to a different perspective. I have learned to use different tools with how to handle things, and feel like I am now on a different level.”

Andi S.

Private Business Owner, Bedford, NH

“I was feeling stuck, lost in my career, and didn’t really know what the next steps were. I was feeling kind of apathetic about my life. I am in a transition right now, and didn’t really know what to do. After hypnosis I feel a lot more clear as to what my path is. Some of the things that were holding me back in the past, self-esteem issues, not feeling worthy, even issues with a spirit that was attached to me came to light. Dealing with those things really made a shift. When those old reasons from the past come up now, I don’t dwell on them, I don’t fixate on them, I just move past them.

I loved the sessions! I truly loved them. I thought the process was great. Lois, you have such a wonderful calming approach, very soothing, and very comforting. I didn’t know what to expect, I was a little nervous at first, and all that went away because the way you approach everything is very open-minded, loving, and accepting of anything that comes up. I just think it was great. I know a lot of people wonder what hypnosis is all about, that it is used only for weight loss or fears. I think that the way you approach hypnosis, it can be used to enhance many aspects of life.”

Denyne S.

Interior Designer, Amherst, NH

“Stress and anxiety were affecting everything in my life. It was like a block, holding me back from true success in my professional and personal life. I learned to be more present, more relaxed, and more in control. The sessions didn’t change my work load, but they changed how I viewed it. In my personal life, the two don’t clash any more. I’m setting healthy boundaries.

The process was fantastic, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Lois offers a great mix of hypnosis work and professional coaching. I would absolutely recommend Lois Hermann to anyone struggling with business related stress.”

Jeremy F.

Regiounal Sales Manager, Westford, NH

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