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Meet Our Team of Caring and Compassionate Intuitive Professionals.
We are Dedicated to Helping You Achieve Your Goals.

Our amazing team of intuitive associates offers unique Energy Clearing & Alignment (ECA) programs to assist those on a spiritual healing quest. We are passionate about helping spiritually aware lightworkers or star seeds who are guided to get unstuck and clear their energy to step into their power and make a difference in their own way. These amazing clients have an intuitive knowing they are on a mission to serve humanity in some way, yet feel blocked from achieving their goals or stuck in their progress. We delight in helping these special lightworkers who have a passion for connecting with their higher selves to gain awareness from their own consistent messages. These intergalactic star seed clients know they are here on purpose yet experience doubts and distractions, with possible attachments that cause self-limiting beliefs, disturbance, and distress.

Our Lightwarrior team offers kindred lightworkers the freedom to do what they were sent here or signed up to do. As we clear problem energies and entities, we gently help clients align with their spiritual guidance system by pointing them in the right direction and reminding them who they truly are. We kindly assist to review, remind, and reawaken these kindred beings to return them to their key principles. We help rekindle intuition, restore connections to the divine, and empower stepping into their destined purpose to fulfill their unique mission to help our wonderful planet in their own special way. We offer lightworkers the freedom to “be” themselves at this incredible time of the great awakening. We need all hands on deck right now, each with their own unique skills to assist at this powerful moment in time. 

We invite you to learn more about us in the passages below and embrace all of our powerful energy-enhancing programs. We share a variety of specialty support, classes, radio shows, and training programs to serve your needs. Our goal is to help clear the old energy, reboot that master computer and teach those who are open and ready to reprogram their mind, body, emotions, and spirit for success. We are delighted to be called “Star Seed Rebirthing Doulas”! We feel it is our mission to rescue and empower our precious kindred lightworkers.

We look forward to meeting you and shifting your energy to stand in your power and embrace the life you deserve.

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann & Team

Our Associates


 Lois Hermann

Lois Hermann

Metaphysical Hypnotist, Founder & Managing Director

A Seasoned Metaphysical Energy Expert, Board Certified Hypnotist, and Success Coach, Lois is passionate about helping people clear their energy to achieve their goals. A professional corporate-based trainer, Lois created several training programs for Lightworkers, Holistic Professionals, and those looking to enhance their life path. Offering her unique Lightworker Energy Integrity Training, and Energy Clearing & Alignment Certification, she enjoys teaching NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) Essentials and offers Hypnosis Certification Training.

An international best-selling author of Chronicles of Hope, Lois answered the call to bring hope to humanity and works with her incredible team to illuminate and empower the lightworkers so they may achieve their missions. Sharing from the heart, she offers her public speaking skills in presentations and as host of the Inspiring Hope Radio Show shining the light on others.  

A compassionate organizer and manager of this dedicated team, Lois comes from a place of authentic leadership, listens with an open mind, and intuitively clarifies information to guide the team to success. 

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Christine Peck

Christine Peck

Certified Hypnotist, Energy Clearing & Alignment Consultant, Chiropractic Assistant and Office Manager

Christine dedicates her life to serving others as a Certified Hypnotist, Chiropractic Assistant and Office Manager, and a powerfully intuitive Energy Clearing & Alignment Consultant. With an incredible capacity to love and give, she harnesses amazing empathic ability as a powerful channel, to relate and meaningfully connect with the unseen world. 

A tremendous asset to our team, Christine is an incredible listener, detail specific communicator, and trustworthy associate. She brings an element of grace with consistent doses of gratitude to our sessions with her incredible intuitive skills and sensitive spiritual awareness. 

With her deep love of animals, the ocean, and nature photography, Christine is every ready to assist as a sympathetic advocate for people, causes, and current events. She is someone we can always count on and serves to tackle every aspect of our hypnosis and energy work with a calm welcoming yet organized and energetic manner. 

Reach Christine at [email protected].


Ann Bordeleau

Ann Bordeleau

Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Clearing & Alignment Consultant, Intuitive Medium

Ann is an incredibly powerful member of our team as an Energy Clearing & Alignment Communicator and a seasoned intuitive medium. She has amazingly authentic connection abilities with her incredible gifts as a medium, intuit, and guided visionary. Kind and compassionate, Ann readily makes people feel at ease as an amazing listener who is grounded while connecting to powerful source energy. Confident in her ability to connect, Ann brings a gentle, calming nature, and contagious laugh to lift the spirits of our team.

An amazing Licensed Massage Therapist, Ann blends her intuitive skills into her specialty ECA Massage. Great at multi-tasking, Ann blends her passion for tapping into the unseen with her dedication to offering home-based massage to her Veteran clients and growing her massage business in Andover, MA.

Ann is a powerful energy healer, a great student, and inspiring teacher. A life-time learner, and seeker with a can-do attitude, she walks the walk as a quintessential adventurer, and Star Treker. Ann prides herself in going where no one has gone before! We are delighted to have Ann as an incredibly powerful team member.

 Contact Ann or request an ECA Massage, please send an email to [email protected].

Brian Hill

Brian Hill

Energy Clearing & Alignment and Metaphysical Hypnotist Physical Therapist

With decades of experience as a manual physical therapist and metaphysical hypnotist, Brian has been part of our Energy Clearing & Alignment program for over 5 years. With a strong foundation in holistic practices, he has a thriving physical therapy practice and extensive knowledge in a variety of health and wellness areas. Brian brings his passion for spiritual-based hypnosis and energy-clearing work to incredible client sessions as a Navigator on client journeys. He enjoys looking beyond the obvious because everything is possible… when you ask. 

A valued member of our team, Brian keeps us laughing in the midst of intense session work. With his calm demeanor, he is able to set boundaries using his unique sense of humor. He doesnt take himself too seriously and encourages others to do the same. Brian has a great capacity to listen with honesty and amazing integrity. He brings a interesting combination of humility, tenacity, courage, and strength of character to our team. His positive attitude creates a solid foundation for manifesting all things possible.  

You can reach Brian at [email protected].

Mary Collier Fisher

Mary Collier Fisher

ECA Clearing Consultant & ECA Reiki Master Teacher

An amazing member of our team, Mary is a Reiki Master-Teacher with over 30 years of experience in the Usui method of Reiki. Embodying the light and energy of love, Reiki is her life’s blood. She is on a mission to share the miracle of Reiki so they learn to heal themselves and remove any blocks to healing that might exist. The ability to intuitively sense what is going on in others’ energy led her to connect strongly with Archangel Raphael for energy healing. 

A perennial learner, Mary is certified as an Energy Clearing & Alignment Communicatior and NLP Practitioner. She brings a sense of calmness, peace, and tranquility to our sessions with her presence. A metaphysical realist, she tempers our team with her compassionate, gentle, and kind manner. Her quintessential mother-nurturer energy brings a wonderful perspective. A great listener, her voice of reason serves as a valued barometer. 

Mary holds great knowledge on the healing power of crystals, which aid in the clearing process and manifest as amazing jewelry in her skilled hands. She sustains a strong relationship with this beautiful earth and teaches ways to detoxify from substances we have been exposed to is vitally important to complete healing. An avid gardener, her flowers love her, as do we. She also serves as one of our incredible editors. We are so fortunate to have her on our team. 

Schedule a powerful distant ECA Reiki session with Mary. If you are local to NE, schedule an in-person session with her in Andover, MA.  Schedule Appointment – Lois Hermann & Associates
or email at:
[email protected]


Christine Snyder

Christine Snyder

Marketing & PR


Christine came to support Lois through her gratitude for her now 16-year old daughter’s complete recovery from debilitating mental illness caused by Lyme Disease and Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep (PANDAS). Her marketing efforts aim to help others understand how Lois’ unique hypnosis techniques tap into the subconscious mind to gain wellness. You can read Christine’s daughter’s blog documenting her journey to wellness HERE. Christine’s nearly 30-year career began in corporate marketing for various high tech companies, spending the last 15+ years working on the public relations agency side. Reach her at [email protected].