Lightworker Energy Integrity Training

Learn easy-to-use techniques to keep your energy clear and protected to shine your light brightly.

Developed for those who are energy sensitive.

Do you sense disturbing energies?
Are you depleted after energy sessions?
Would you like tools to clear and protect your energy?

If you feel drained or struggle with taking on another’s negative energy after being around other people or doing a hands-on energy session, you are not alone. You may be an empath who is sensitive to others who are stuck in toxic energy patterns and pick up on their pain.

Would you like to learn some simple and effective tools to keep your energy clear, safe, and protected? As you develop ways to maintain healthy energy, working closely with your angels and Guides, you add even more value to life and caregiving sessions. This energy training program will enhance your own vital energy and empower your intuitive abilities.

In our Lightworker Energy Integrity Training, you discover ways to keep your energy protected with in-depth explanations and experiential exercises. Enjoy learning from the comfort of your home in this modular online training program. You receive 8 hours of videos to view on your own time, plus recorded discussions with our amazing ECA Experts who share the tools they use to stay clear, protected, and safe.

Read more about Protecting Your Energy HERE.

Helping Lightworkers, Holistic Practitioners, and Clients Maintain Clear and Protected Energy.

This wonderful learning opportunity is designed for Lightworkers, empaths, energy workers, and our wonderful clients who want to maintain positive energy and share uplifting energy with others. If you are on a quest to connect with your higher self, you have an opportunity to travel on a guided journey to meet your spiritual guide. Receive detailed insights to keep your energy clear and protected.

This unique training program is offered in several modules for you to learn in the comfort and convenience of your home. The modules are designed to be taken in succession to help you develop your individual practice for protection, healing, and empowerment.

Module 1 – Learn powerful ways to protect your energy with a Roadmap for Hope.
Module 2 – Experience ways to stay grounded and connected to Mother Gaia for healing in the Guidelines for Living.
Module 3 – Discover ways to empower yourself with connections to Archangels and high-level guides in the Path for Empowerment.
Module 4 – View recordings of our amazing ECA Experts to gain some unique tips, techniques, and further guidance.

Develop powerful ways to maintain clear and protected energy that will enhance your peace of mind, body, and spirit.

In this self-paced series, you can expect to:

  • Understand how negative energies affect ourselves, our family, and our pets.
  • Practice powerful energy protection techniques to maintain positive energy.
  • Establish processes to keep your energy clear and protected for your energy work.
  • Discover tips to keep your energy clear, your spirit strong, and your body healthy.
  • Experience a powerful connection with your angels, guides, or loved ones.
  • Gain specific tools to help clear and maintain positive energy.

Enjoy this Energy-Empowerment Training with

Lois Hermann & the ECA Team of Experts 

 This Self-Study LEIT Program Includes: 

4 Online Training Modules (8 hours)

Instruction, Experiential Journeys
Printed Materials and Supporting Videos

The Complete Program is $222

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What People Are Saying

“I absolutely loved this Energy Clearing course! Lois offers a great balance of lectures, video demonstrations, follow-up, and classwork where we could process the information for each module. I have not been a fan of remote classes, but I think this program was well done. I loved that we had a week in between each module to process and practice the information we learned.”

Cecilia Thomas

Hypnotherapist, Success Coach, Energy Practitioner, Mechanicsville, VA

“I think anyone with a mission to help others in this lifetime will benefit greatly from Lois’s energy training program. Especially Reiki Master-Teachers because they are exposed to people who feel called to help others and they would benefit from taking this training as they teach others. Reiki practitioners or anyone in counseling modes would also benefit greatly from this training. Learning about energy protection and clearing benefits anyone who has had trauma in their life, as it would help them see that trauma is not about self-blame. They would understand a little more about the spiritual aspect of life and how the melding of our mind, body, spirit, and other aspects of our being are important. I can’t think of anyone who couldn’t take advantage of the information in this course.”

Mary Fisher

Reiki Master-Teacher, Walpole, MA

“This energy class was unlike anything I have ever taken before. I can see a big need for energy clearing in the near future given the state of our world and what is to come. Lois is an extraordinary teacher and is so giving of her time. She answers our questions with thoughtfulness and an abundance of knowledge. I am very glad I experienced this class and very glad to have the classmates I did.”

Susan Fraser

Homeopathic Practitioner, Groton, MA

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