ECA™ Level 3 –
Master of Light Certification

Learn to Master Multi-Dimensional Light Energy
Didactic-Based Instruction, Experiential Training, Teamwork, and Ongoing Support.

Developed Exclusively for Spiritual Practitioners

Do you sense or experience energy resistance?
Are you prepared to clear, align, and balance unseen energy?
Would you like powerful tools to help clients reverse their negative spiral?

Lois Hermann & Associates ECA Experts


Level 3 – ECA Master of Light Certification Training

Develop Multi-Dimensional Energy Clearing Mastery

If you are determined to detach and derail the nastiest energies, our Level 3 ECA Master of Light Certification empowers you to banish the demons and shine the light of grace. You will be able to clearly understand the difference between negative energies, earth-bound spirits, nasty entities, and much more. Be involved in our unique Mastermind Alliance Team for ongoing support.



  • Developing powerful skills to shift the nastiest energies…
  • Working with advanced energies to lift the energy of our planet…
  • Expanding your awareness to invite good for others on their spiritual path…
  • Receiving support on your journey with this new addition to your existing practice…
  • Becoming an ECA Master of Light while empowering your clients to fulfill their missions…

Here’s what you get… business expansion!

Level 3 – ECA Master of Light Certification (8-week program)

Complex Entities – Interdimensional Awareness

This Light Warrior Mastry training includes 8 weeks of 90-minute live Zoom coaching and practice classes offered at both 1:00 and 7:00 p.m. Eastern. In addition, you receive dozens of self-directed didactic video modules, and interactive exercises, along with personalized mentoring, and ongoing support. Some modules require multiple weeks of discussion and education. All classes are recorded and posted on the course membership website.  

Topics covered:

Module 1: Nasties – Reptilians, greys, extra-terrestrials, and galactic beings.

Module 2: Artificial Intelligence – devices, implants, deactivate, and protect. 

Module 3: Interdimensional Beings – dragons, inter-terrestrials, and Gaia beings. 

Module 4: Complex Energies – curses, sorcery, demons, and soul fragments.
(Value $2,444 USD)

Personal Coaching / Video Review: 4 hours of private and group coaching with a graduation project.
(Value $888 USD)

ECA Resources: Exercise Scripts, Tips, Reference Materials, and more.
(Value $222 USD)

BONUS: ECA Mastermind Alliance Membership (renews annually)
Monthly group meetings and journeys. Receive ongoing support, the latest updates, personal clearings, and experience energy-shifting group journeys.
(Value $444 USD)

BONUS 2: Inspiring Hope Community: (renews annually) One-year membership in our bi-monthly meetings with seekers involved with Chronicles of Hope.
(Value $111 USD)

Total Value $4,111 USD

Pay In Full: only $1,444 (save $222 USD)

Payment Plan: 3 payments of $555 USD

*Starts November 1, 2023 (Applications now accepted.)

Please note: We must receive your application for the Level 3 – ECA Master of Light Certification Program 1 week before the start date.

*Prerequisites for ECA Level 3 Master of Light Certification.
Must have successfully completed the following:
ECA Foundation Clearing Program
ECA Level 1 Lightworker & Level 2 Practitioner Certification Programs.

Enrollees must have access to clients or practice partners and be prepared to dedicate time to do the work required for this experiential program.
Certification for this course requires 80% attendance, completion of all homework and final exam, regular practice time, successful graduation project, and funds paid in full. Once your application is submitted, watch for an email confirming your acceptance into the program. 


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