Level 1 – ECA™ 

Lightworker Certificate

Learn to Clear, Balance, and Align Your Client’s Energy with Didactic-Based Instruction, Demonstration, Explanation,
and Support.

Developed Exclusively for Spiritual Practitioners

Do you sense or experience energy resistance?
Are you prepared to clear, align, and balance unseen energy?
Would you like powerful tools to help clients reverse their negative spiral?

Lois Hermann & Associates ECA Experts


Level 1 – ECA Lightworker Certificate Training

Balance, Align & Share Positive Energy

If you feel drawn to assist others on the path of spiritual awareness our Level 1 ECA Lightworker Certificate program will give you foundational tools to assist others in clearing toxic energy. Develop techniques to help clients connect with spirits, angels, guides, and/or passed-over loved ones. Create lasting results for client success by learning how to shift negative energy at core foundational levels.



• Embracing positive energy for yourself and your clients…
• Clearing and aligning others’ energy for powerful transformation…
• Experiencing sessions with clients that are beyond belief and life-changing…
• Embracing the freedom to master life on all levels: mind, body, and especially… spirit.


Here’s what you get… opportunities to enhance your business!


Level 1 – ECA Lightworker Certificate (8-week program)

Training includes 4 x bi-monthly 90-minute live Zoom coaching classes, multiple self-directed didactic video modules, interactive exercises, personalized mentoring, and ongoing support. Classes are recorded and posted on the course membership website.

Topics covered:

Module 1: Energy Protection – learn to teach others to create their Sacred Space.

Module 2: NLP Basics – use rapport-building exercises to master interpersonal connection.

Module 3: Auric Clearing – discover how to clear and align other people’s auric energy fields.

Module 4: Connect with Discernment – Loved Ones, Angels, Guides vs. Other energies.
(Value $2,222 USD)

Personal Coaching / Video Review: 2 hours of private coaching with a graduation project.
(Value $444 USD)

ECA Guidebook: Exercise Scripts, Tips, Reference Materials, and more!
(Value $444 USD)

BONUS: LEIT – Lightworker Energy Integrity Training: 8 hours of training to maintain your own energy and keep your space sacred.
(Value $222 USD)


Total Value $3,333 USD

Pay In Full: $1,111 (Save $222 USD)

Payment Plan: 3 payments of $444 UDS


Transform Lives with this Experiential Lightworker Certificate Training by

Lois Hermann, Board-Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor, ECA Master-Trainer

Online Classes Available Now

Cost includes Instruction, Scripts, Tips, Experiential Exercises, and More

By application only.
*You will receive detailed instructions upon registration.


What People Are Saying

Please note: Applications are open for the recorded Level 1 ECA Lightworker Certificate.
Our ECA Level 1 Lightworker Training is open to all who are interested in helping others to heal and are willing to invest the time to do the practice sessions.
Once your application is submitted, watch for an email confirming your acceptance into the program.