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Are Unhealthy Thoughts, Negative Behaviors, or Uncomfortable Emotions Causing Concern or Affecting Your Life?

 Stop Being Stuck in The Past!

 Eliminate Emotional Traps and Limiting Fears With Our Hypnosis Sessions

Are you struggling with destructive thoughts of fear, panic, or worry? Are unhealthy emotions such as anger, sadness, or sorrow keeping you “Stuck”?

Fears, worries, distractions, and negativity can hold you back in so many ways. Those old thoughts affect your health, confidence, freedom, and an overall sense of self-worth. Hypnosis helps you to turn off those negatives and embrace the amazing positives as you reset your mindset.

If you are finally ready to have the success you wish for, with hypnosis you discover powerful steps to energize and empower yourself. You shift those old worries, fears, and emotions. As you learn to recognize negative mind-talk, you replace the thoughts with positive, successful ones. You cannot change the past; however, you can change how we think of it. Learn to reprogram your master computer to accept the new you… feel it… see it… know it… be it. As you step into your power, you achieve your success. Embrace positive change in your thoughts and change your life forever!

Use the power of your mind, body, and spirit to make the changes needed to accomplish your goals. If self-sabotaging behavior is creating difficulty in your life… you can let go of those old patterns and embrace positive change. Like the anti-virus for the mind, our hypnosis and energy programs help you to remove self-limiting beliefs and teach you to reprogram yourself for optimal health, wealth, and happiness.

Are YOU ready to use the power of positive energy to embrace life’s changes, achieve your goals, and truly enjoy your life?

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What People Are Saying

“My teenage son was struggling with stuttering, hesitation and nervous tics. I went for several years to speech therapists and counseling and nothing seemed to work. I saw your name and thought there was nothing to lose. I reached out to you and I’m glad I did.

My son has come a long way, he is louder, he speaks up, his hesitation is very, very vague. If you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t know it was there. He is getting more confident and even made the soccer team. I am so proud of him. He really enjoys the sessions with you, and I truly believe in this. It is an odd feeling, you have to see it to believe it. I wished I had found this a long time ago, it would have saved a lot of heartache. I recommend this to other mothers 110%!”

Joanne for A.

Mother of High School Sophomore

“Initially I was looking for help with a life-long fear of enclosed spaces. I could not get on an elevator and often had to climb ten or more flights of stairs, carrying heavy equipment. I would not go on trips if it involved flying because the thought of being inside the plane terrified me.

In the sessions I accomplished a lot more than simply help with the claustrophobia. I’ve had tremendous emotional and spiritual growth and am left with a greater sense of confidence, well-being and peace with myself.

I was skeptical at first, then I realized first hand that this was something different than any of the therapies I had done before. It’s hard to explain the process to someone who has never been to a hypnotist before, but this process is the only form of therapy that I would choose for myself right now. I am now comfortable in elevators, planes and other tight spaces. I would VERY MUCH SO recommend Lois Hermann to others, to my friends, and to my family. I know that this process will help those that need it.”

Monica J.

Musician & Teacher

“I came for hypnosis because I felt like a prisoner in my own home. I was afraid to drive after a horrific accident that my family and I had during the winter. It ended up lasting into all four seasons, for me I felt like I couldn’t do anything. In my sessions with Lois I was able to accomplish feeling safe in my car, confident, motivated, and determined that I wanted to fix myself. She gave me my confidence back by instilling the positive suggestions in me that I wanted to live, and that I was OK. I was able to get my life back. My children were even starting to be afraid of riding in the car, and now even they are no longer afraid.

I think that this is great for people who want to better themselves. You need to practice what is discussed. Every session I got better. I learned more about myself, and I was able graduate to different accomplishments. I would set little goals for myself, like driving for certain distances, driving on the highway, or driving at night that I would have never done. I definitely recommend these sessions to others. My only advice would be that you take the suggestions and take action on them. You have to be willing to want to better yourself.”

Allison D.

Financial Assistant

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