ECA / Energy Clearing & Alignment Sessions

Clear, Align, and Balance Energy Around Yourself, Your Space,
and Your Loved Ones with Our Unique ECA Sessions.

If you feel stuck in life or blocked on your path, our ECA Sessions empower you to create success.

If you wish to alleviate stress, release annoying habits, or shift compulsive behaviors, did you know there may be an underlying spiritual component to the problem? Our unique energy-clearing sessions help boost your energy, reprogram your mind, empower optimal health, and refine your spiritual connections.

We work together as a team to re-align your mind, body, emotions, and spirit to help you achieve your goals… often at the speed of Light!

Lost Spirits

If you experience a presence around you that makes you uncomfortable, it may be the energy of a spirit. Often called ghosts, these spirits come to be with the living for many reasons. Using specialized techniques, our team can identify and release lost spirits from around you and help them find their way to a healing place.

Working with Archangels and Master Guides, we are trained to recognize when a spirit shows up and confirm that it is a spirit, a past life, a soul fragment, or epigenetic memory. We facilitate healing by lifting the spirit to a healing place, which in turn, lifts your energy, allowing you to embrace a sense of peace, calm, and clarity.

Incredible Results

We believe strongly in the benefits of these techniques in our cutting-edge sessions that are far from the norm. We have seen such incredible results in our clients over the decades, that we now incorporate our ECA clearing sessions as a solid foundation for all of our sessions.

We encourage you to work concurrently with your primary caregiver for any diagnosed medical condition. Mothers can be surrogates for and/or nearby during sessions with children and caring family members can surrogate for beloved others.

Our energy-based ECA Sessions are designed to help you develop self-care skills to empower yourself for strong, healthy energy. We teach and encourage you to practice daily spiritual hygiene to establish, align, and maintain balance in all levels of your being.​

NEW Clients & Returning Clients

If you are new to us or received sessions with us before 2022, please schedule an Initial ECA Clearing Session before scheduling other sessions. For enhanced results and optimal pricing, choose one of our ECA Foundation Programs.

Initial ECA Clearing Session

In this Initial 2-hour Clearing session, we start the process of helping you identify, clear, and shift unwanted energy in and around your auric field and teach you ways to maintain positive energy. (Cost $444 UDS)

1st Hour – Private Intake
The first hour of this two-hour session includes a detailed intake where we discuss your situation, answer questions, and create a plan to address your specific needs. (Value $200 USD)

2nd Hour – ECA Tandem Clearing Session
In the second part of this two-hour session, we are joined by one or more of our ECA Experts for an initial energy assessment and we begin the process of clearing your auric energy of disturbances. You receive instructions for daily energy hygiene exercises to maintain clear energy. (Value $300 USD)

Our ECA Experts work with you as a team to evaluate your energy and investigate the origin of negative energy influences. In a strong and caring way, our team identifies and gently releases whatever is stuck in your energetic field that is draining your energy and negatively affecting your life.


Current Clients – Tandem Sessions and Empower Programs

If you are a current client who has completed our ECA Foundation Program, choose from a variety of individual ECA Sessions to continue your self-care journey. Be sure to empower yourself with our ECA VIP Empower Program where you create a unique combination of ECA Sessions to maintain clear, strong, and balanced energy.


ECA Tandem Clearing Sessions

In our Tandem Clearing Sessions, our expert team is trained to recognize what is going on in your auric field, identify the origin of energy disruption, and work with angelic beings and spiritual masters to remove any toxic or interfering energies. As we teach you how to clear your aura of toxic elements, we also identify the presence of any lost spirits and kindly help them transition to a place of healing. We then investigate the presence of more intrusive entities, deactivate implants, and are prepared to shift curses, all to clear the path for positive and lasting results.

Once the challenging energies are cleared, we work with positive healing energy to realign and balance your auric energy field. You receive guidance from higher sources of wisdom for your self-empowerment journey with special instructions to protect yourself and your loved ones. Our process is kind, gentle, and comforting. You receive incredible energy shifts to embrace a healthy, peaceful life.

Schedule additional ECA Tandem Clearing Sessions or a series of sessions in our ECA Empower Program to evaluate and clear the energy around your home, your land, your office, or your loved ones.


ECA Remote Clearing Sessions

Once you have completed our ECA Foundation Program you can request an ECA Remote Clearing Session as part of our VIP Empower Program. Our ECA energy experts work together to evaluate what is happening in your auric field and clear your energy without you being directly involved. Once the remote session is complete, we let you know what we discovered and share guidance as to what you can do to keep yourself protected.

Some clients sense uncomfortable energy around them with an immediate need to have something done to release it. We offer timely access for remote clearing in our VIP Empower Access Program. ​


ECA Programs

Our ECA Foundation and Empower Programs offer multiple sessions at reasonable rates to support your energetic needs. Read more on our ECA Programs page. Our VIP Empower Programs offer a combination of ECA Tandem Clearings, ECA Remote Clearings, Hypnosis, or ECA Distance Reiki Sessions for ongoing support, maintenance, and empowerment.


Our ECA Team of Experts

Our amazing team of Energy Clearing & Alignment Associates is dedicated to helping shift negative energy and empowering you to embrace positive results. In a strong, caring way, we work together as a team to identify and release whatever is draining your energy and negatively affecting your life. We work with powerful Archangels, Masters, and other Light Beings who do the real work. We are facilitators on your incredible self-empowerment journey.

Navigators: Our highly trained ECA Navigators manage the journey, ask pertinent questions, and keep everyone’s energy focused. They work with our incredibly intuitive Communicators as experts at seeing and sensing energy disturbances while communicating with the unseen.

Communicators: Many people are unable to tap into the unseen world on their own. Our skilled Communicators are gifted at connecting with energies in the unseen dimensions.

Protectors: In many sessions, we encounter dark energies. Having a Protector in the journey serves to hold the positive energy so the team can communicate more effectively with what is presented during the journey.

We perform our tandem clearings with your participation, all via Zoom. Parents can be surrogates for and/or nearby during sessions with children, and close relatives can surrogate for other family members.


Spiritual Connections

Spirit Communication: Some clients specifically request to communicate with a passed-over loved one or special Guide. Other sensitive lightworkers understand that something is going on and specifically request that we clear spirits around them. Still, others have no idea about spirit interference, yet when a spirit shows up to be cleared, everything seems to make perfect sense.

Lightworkers: If you are a spiritually aware lightworker who feels the need to get unstuck, we help clear your energy and invite you to step into your power. If you have an intuitive knowing that you are on a mission to serve in some way, yet feel blocked from achieving your goals, we help remove the barriers to your success.

If you have a passion for connecting to higher sources of wisdom that seems to be disrupted, we help you reconnect with your wise Guides to receive consistent messages. If you are a star seed who knows that you are here on purpose, yet experiences doubts, distractions, and disturbance from possible distressing situations or attachments, we help you clear the path to freedom, discover your purpose, and connect strongly with your star family.

Maintenance: Once the negative energy is identified and cleared, the Guides bring in positive vibrational frequencies to assist in lifting and healing your energy. Ultimately, your mind becomes quieter, your space lighter, and you feel much happier. As you become clear, grounded, and aware, your habits readily change, your mindset shifts, and your focus is heightened. A sense of peace, lightness, and inner calm results. In the process of clearing your energy, we teach you how to establish healthy energy practices to keep your vision clear, your energy strong, and your mindset positive. You learn ways to maintain positive energy while practicing daily spiritual hygiene to keep yourself strong, healthy, and empowered. As facilitators in your healing journey, it is up to you to adopt and embrace special techniques to keep your energy clear and protected.


Additional Information

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Media – Read dozens of Inspirational Blogs and watch hundreds of Inspiring Hope Radio shows.

Spiritual-Connection – Discover more information on our spirit-based sessions.

Spirits.LoisHermann.comRead remarkable stories of the spirits that we assisted in the book Spirits of Amoskeag: The Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills. Discover extensive information about interfering energies and how they affect our lives as well as the importance of keeping your energy clear in our #1 International Best Selling book series Chronicles of Hope.

Use the power of your mind, body, and spirit to make the changes needed to accomplish your goals. If self-sabotaging behavior is creating difficulty in your life… you can let go of those old patterns and embrace positive change. Like the anti-virus for the mind, our hypnosis and energy programs help you to remove self-limiting beliefs and teach you to reprogram yourself for optimal health, wealth, and happiness.

Are YOU ready to use the power of positive energy to embrace life’s changes, achieve your goals, and truly enjoy your life?

Schedule your ECA Foundation Clearing Program at our Contacts page or call 844-777-7812.
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What People Are Saying

“My thirteen year old daughter was adopted from China and has always been challenging. For months, things were out of control. She would not go to school, or get out of bed. She was defiant, obstinate, and just mean as a snake. There was nothing I could do. I took her to doctors, and they wanted to put her on medication. In my heart, I really thought there was something else we needed to find.

I am so grateful that I was led on the path to you. These remote clearing sessions have made all the difference in the world to us. Her whole being became lighter. Within days, she stopped the defiance, she no longer had the evil, nasty look in her eyes. She stopped trying to pick fights. She actually seemed to have a sense of quiet and calm. I cannot tell you how much these sessions have changed our lives. My daughter actually has friends for the first time. She never had friends before. She always kept to herself. She never sat with anyone at lunch.  She is now free to explore who she wants to be.

This has been wonderful, it has been so easy. I would absolutely recommend your clearing sessions to other people. I know families who have adopted children from other countries that have had real issues. They would really benefit from what you offer. I can’t thank you enough.”

Denise K.

Retired GVT Employee

“Initially, I was dealing with a lot of physical issues. But I discovered they were due to emotional and spiritual issues. I was feeling stuck, and not knowing where to go with my life. This was the real reason why I decided to try hypnosis. With your help, I’ve cleared a lot of yucky things that were attached to me. Things that were really holding me back and creating a lot of fear. Doing the clearings to get rid of those things was definitely good. Then I ended up feeling a lot more openness and happiness. That was the biggest thing. The sessions were really good. I always leave here feeling refreshed and more attuned to my surroundings. Being more aware and more awake is really the best thing. Anybody who is struggling with anything similar to me would definitely benefit.”

Brigitte M.

Equine Bodyworker

“My teenage daughter suffered with anxiety and depression for about four years. Since her remote clearing and hypnosis sessions, she is happy, confident and thriving in all areas of her life. She is enjoying a very social life with her peers, and exceeding in the classroom. The clearing sessions with Lois were caring, understanding, effective, and very private. Lois is a true professional with an amazing gift. If you think that your child may need help, I strongly encourage you to call Lois. I am grateful to have my precious daughter back… thanks to Lois and her amazing team.”

Julie M.

Holistic Professional & Mother

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