Reiki Clearing

Called “Spirit Power” Reiki helps Shift the Chi Energy, Balancing Your Body, Mind & Spirit Energy!


If you are you struggling with lack of energy or feeling “stuck”, our intuitive Reiki sessions can help.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing energy technique that involves connecting “Universal Life-Force” energy through the practitioner into the client’s body and auric energy field. You have probably heard of the Chinese “Qi” or “Chi” – the life energy that flows throughout the body. Reiki energy moves that Chi around, unblocking stagnant areas and promoting health.

The Japanese describe Reiki as “Spirit Power”. Reiki is a spiritual, non-denominational energy connection. The practitioner does not create the energy – they call energy from the universe asking whom-ever is appropriate to the client’s belief system to assist with the energy transfer in a prayerful experience. Importantly, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mary, Quan Yin, Buddha, Masters, Saints, and Angels can ALL be there to facilitate the healing.

How is Reiki received?

Reiki is very simple to receive. The practitioner lays their hands gently on certain energy areas called Chakra locations of the body and on any other areas that need attention. The Reiki energy moves the Chi throughout the body, clearing blockages and allowing the bodily systems to function more effectively. Reiki is simple, gentle and received with your clothes on!

Consider that you had a closed room with no fresh air flowing into it, the current would be blocked and over time the air would become stagnant. If you opened a door or window to clear the air, the room would become fresh again, the air purified and clean. So it is with the energy flow in the body. When the energy flow becomes stagnant… possibly because of stress, trauma, abuse or misuse… the body responds with “dis-ease”. Reiki energy clears the stagnant flow in the body and allows the entire system to become recharged, refreshed and energized.

How can Reiki help you?

Different people get different things out of a good Reiki treatment. Some use it for relaxation, stress relief, and maintaining overall states of good health. Others use Reiki to control pain, and still, others use it to assist in the healing of injuries and diseases. Many times, clients experience negative energy clearings and positive energy shifts in their Reiki sessions. It is so enjoyable because all they have to do is lay there and receive!

Lois’s experience with Reiki

I learned Reiki many years ago to help my young son’s daily migraines. After a year of tests and investigations, the doctors had given up hope of finding an answer to help him. Simply put, the Reiki took the pain away. At 4 years of age, he would come to me in his innocence and say “Mommy, the pain is coming… put your hands here!” As I placed my hands gently on his head, the Reiki would relax him and the pain would clear. He would fall asleep in my lap and wake up later ready to play. His migraines soon became history.

Since that time, I learned to use it regularly on myself to remain calm in an especially high-stress, high-tech corporate environment! Reiki even healed a bad burn that my skeptical Father once suffered, he was really perplexed! I have used this wonderful energy successfully for my family, friends and numerous clients. Additionally, I have seen and heard countless amazing stories resulting from the power of Reiki.

Receiving Reiki is a personal experience that is as individual as you are. Enjoy, and “feel” for yourself the “spirit power” of this healing energy called Reiki.




What People Are Saying

“My shoulder has continued to be pain-free after receiving Reiki! I had been living for weeks with severely limiting joint pain. I could not lift my arm above my waist and was afraid that I might have to resort to painful therapeutic injections. After the Reiki session, I could freely move my arm over my head with no pain. It was a miracle! My only tears now are of great joy. I have received Reiki for other reasons and am always amazed at how well Reiki works.”

Claire S.


“I was really struggling with anxiety, panic disorder and a little mix of depression. I was having a hard time even leaving my house. With the hypnosis and Reiki sessions, after three years of not driving on the highway, I am now driving on the highway. I’m going out in public. I’m going to the grocery store. I’m leaving my house and going to places with crowds which used to scare me a lot. I’m leaving my house and it is amazing. I don’t even have words to describe how amazing this is. I would say it saved my life. I would absolutely recommend this to other people.”

Abbey J.

Nail Technician

“I was out of school a year due to anxiety and a lot of other symptoms. I was referred for hypnosis because I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and it turned out that I had a lot of spiritual activity around me that got cleared.

Now, I am able to go out a lot more. I am going back to school, feeling more confident with academics, and a lot more social. The anxiety and other symptoms have reduced, and I feel better overall as a person… physically, mentally, and spiritually. I find the sessions really relaxing. In the beginning they were draining, but if you keep with it, it can be very helpful. When I was feeling overwhelmed, and could not mentally bring myself to do hypnosis, I did Reiki and that helped me calm down a lot. I recommend this to anybody for anything that you have symptoms for, or if you need a confidence booster, or feel insecure.”

Caroline S.

High School Student

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