Are you aware of the toxic exposure that is all around us these days? From our food, and our water, to the air we breathe, we are being poisoned by toxic agents. Think of the pollution from the recent train derailment disasters that have seeped dangerous chemicals into our rivers, our air, our land, and our animals. We need to take notice and be aware of what we can do to establish health and wellness in this toxic world.

We need to start by focusing our intention each day and we also must be aware of things that block us from being able to achieve optimal health. In addition to the toxic chemicals, think about things like parasitic infections. What are parasites you ask? You know, those things that feed off your energy. My guest today is an incredible associate, long-time Team Hope member, and powerful metaphysical healing facilitator. Brian Hill would like you to consider how to be free of parasites across all the levels of our being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

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