Spiritual seekers, lightworkers, and light warriors are on a guided path of ascension to higher levels of consciousness. The sessions with the powerful Angels in Chronicles of Hope: Book 3 offer a clear path for spiritual growth, empowerment, and higher vibrational awareness.

Here is an overview of the insights from these amazing Guides:
1. Archangel Azrael: Be curious and receptive – ask questions.
2. Angel Lucian: Be willing to take initiative – know there is more.
3. Archangel Michael: Be discerning – practice protection.
4. Archangel Samael: Be a good person – take responsibility.
5. Archangel Raphael: Be faith-filled and believe – facilitate healing.
6. Team Hope: Be caring and connected – embrace empowerment.

Our journey may wander and wind, yet we each find our way in the perfect time. One of the most important lessons the Archangels share is that we must ask for guidance in everything we do. The Archangels and Guides will absolutely answer our requests, yet we must be specific in our asking and open to receive the answer. We must also endeavor to support one another on the journey as we share our unique gifts with the world. Embrace life with gratitude, persistence, willingness, and joy as we expand into a higher vibrational spiritual consciousness.