Reset, Renew, Refresh

Happy Easter, Happy Spring… Now is a good time to reset, renew, and refresh your energy. We have survived the long dark winter with so much challenging negativity around our world. This is a period of resurrection on many levels as people start to come out of their homes into the sunshine. It is also time to spring-clean our energy. How do we move on to a brighter spring with hope for a blessed future? What would our beloved teacher Jesus advise? He said we must love one another, it is a simple matter of compassion. He also said, first do no harm… to others and to ourselves. 

First, we must transform the FEAR narrative in order to survive and thrive. Many know that FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is a useful, naturally occurring emotion based on the need to protect the self, from bears, bullies, and bruises. That said, there are those in our public arena who use and accelerate fear thoughts to control the masses. Extensive, ongoing fear lowers the immune system, perpetuates illness, weakness, and hopelessness. In Chronicles of Hope: The Collective
Universal Energy said that we must feel what another feels in order to feel less afraid and more connected.

Shift Your Energy from Fear to…

With so many feeling fear, how do we shift the energy of fear to that of peace? Start each day with energetic self-protection and spiritual hygiene using techniques like the Protective Bubble and Creating Sacred Space. Next, let us transform that old fear on all levels of our being with:

Faith – allow your spirit to hold the ultimate positive outcome in your heart.
Freedom – invite your mind to think of things that empower and uplift you.
Friends – trust your emotions with dear ones who support your energy.
Fun – let your physical body experience something you enjoy.

Many of us know that we are experiencing a battle of good vs. evil in our world today. If you have experienced the destruction caused by evil then you know firsthand the power that those with mal intent can wield. We also know of the incredible power that comes from inviting our glorious Guides and Archangels to converse with and assist us on a regular basis. They become our stead-fast friends and are ever here to help and guide us. These Light beings will never interfere with our free will, so we have learned to ask, trust, and believe they are always with us.

Lightworkers Clearing Tools

Lightworkers are considered gentle healers who hold the positive energy of light as they offer healing skills for others. My Angel Team colleagues consider ourselves to be Light Warriors as we also clear the darkness and hold space for Lightworkers to do their jobs. In battling the dark side, we have learned much about the intense energies bombarding and surrounding our planet at this moment in time.

Healers must learn to put the oxygen mask on themselves first, to protect and empower themselves with clear, focused energy before helping others. As we learn to embrace each other we facilitate healing for all. In sessions with our amazing Guides, my Angel Team has been given details on how to transform energies from people who have a variety of disturbances and distress. We have been taught to practice energy clearing exercises at the beginning of each day and before starting any group or team meeting. If you are interested, you can find these exercises outlined in the Chronicles of Hope books and you can download PDF descriptions at

In a channeled session with Archangel Michael, our beloved protector was very concerned with our world and wants us to do what we can to help heal our planet. His session is captured in this blog. The messages these Guides have shared continue to inspire and give our Team guidance on a regular basis. We receive ongoing messages to help us solve immediate issues as we navigate this journey toward hope for humanity. They give guidance for Lightworkers to clear their own and their client’s energies, especially at this moment in time.

Categories of Human Energy

In his session, Archangel Michael encouraged us to call on Mother Gaia for help. She in turn shared that it is time we call on her to assist, especially since we are indeed her children and humans are at a critical crossroads. She shared three general energetic categories of humans:

1. Lightworkers, Star Seeds, or enlightened ones who are in service-to-others.

All those who are aware, awakened, star seeds, lightworkers, and light warriors. These individuals consider themselves in service to others and if they do not take care of themselves, they can become depleted because of the work they do for others. Mother Gaia advised that we simply ask her for assistance and visualize her loving energy flowing through our energy fields via different means based on each unique individual. To clear toxic elements out of our bodies, we may choose to be cleansed with water, experience the wind blowing through our hair, or feel warm molten energy flowing up from the Earth. We can use whatever method is preferred by the individual to detox the chemicals out of the body and return those heavy metals back to Mother Gaia’s body where she says they belong.

2. Those who are unaware, innocent, ignorant, or have been tested or received the vaccine.

Those who have yet to awaken and don’t understand what is really going on. They have been programmed by the social narrative and have a hard time wrapping their heads around the importance of spiritual connection. They must be guided to connect with nature via Native American beliefs. As they learn to recognize and value the totality of the spiritual nature of our planet, they will be guided to simply ask for help. Upon asking, they can be cleared and cleansed using methods outlined in the first group.

3. Toxic ones who operate out of service-to-self and deliberately cause harm, destruction, and division.

Those with malicious or divisive intent who are decidedly service-to-self. These are the dark ones who are associated with or carry evil in their energy. They are often void of light and do not understand the implications of their actions. We can ask for them to be cleared through prayer and intercession. However, they must express a sense of remorse and ask for forgiveness for their actions in order to be considered for clearing and healing.

Mother Gaia told us that we can also ask to clear the land, water, air, animals, and others, which is what our Lightworker Alliance team has been doing for many months. With strong positive intentions, we can help clear the negative energy from just about anything. We strongly suggest using energetic protection and working in trusted teams to facilitate the clearing of extremely dark energy.

Clearing Process for 5 Human Energy Types

In further sessions, we experienced clearing of additional categories with specific instructions for those who have been vaccinated or received Covid tests. Although we encounter many different types of energy disturbance in the clearing work we do, we noticed five main types of energies. Any of these individuals may also have negative attachments that we work to clear. The process for removing attached energies should only be attempted by someone with advanced training. It is vitally important that each individual request and approve of the clearing before any work can be done, with the exception of prayer.

Here are some tips to facilitate clearing for these types of energy:

1. Awakened – These lightworkers or star seeds are in service-to-others and express freedom of thought, yet are often attacked, targeted, drained, or suppressed by others.
Energy: is light, white, or yellow, though often depleted.
Clearing: Use one of the clearing methods outlined by Mother Gaia above. Be sure to clear all toxins out of the body, boost their energy, and teach them to embrace the habit of energy protection and empowerment on a regular basis.
Guides: Archangel Michael for protection and empowerment.
Jesus for healing and teaching.
St. Germain for his violet flame of transmuting energy.

2. Confused or ambivalent – They may be spiritual yet question their faith, their connection is unclear, or they are struggling with what is going on in our world. They are too much in their heads and need to come down to their hearts. They are often stressed, anxious, or depressed. Additionally, they may have had one or more Covid tests.
Energy: mottled, ill-defined, and dimmed.
Clearing: Their pineal gland must be cleared with warm molten Mother Gaia liquid energy to remove heavy metals, clear residual interference, or imprint. Once the pineal is cleared, wash through the body with rainbow-colored light to recharge the energy and stimulate connection with their higher power or wise mind. Boost with white light from Archangel Jophiel. Teach them grounding techniques to connect with Mother Gaia and encourage them to surround themselves with animals, angels, and all things of nature.
Guides: Archangel Jophiel for illumination, clarity, and connection to the Light.
Mother Gaia to assist with connection to nature.
Lady Mary for comfort and support.

3. Vaccinated – They have received one or more of the vaccines and might feel afraid, irritable, distant, or disconnected.
Energy: Is orange in color and appears to be singed, fried, or frazzled.
Clearing: Use cooling, freezing energy to dislodge or dismantle any bits or bots that may be implanted. Once the artificial toxins are frozen, use cool water to wash through their energy with love and light. Finally, use a cool, calming cloth to remove any residual inflammation.
Guides: Archangel Raphael for continued healing.
Archangel Uriel to bring in the source light of truth and clarity.

4. Programmed – Are strongly influenced by media, gaming, or propaganda with unpredictable outbursts of anger.
Energy: Is chaotic, scrambled, disconnected, murky, and dense.
Clearing: Ask Archangel Metatron to untangle the internal cords and detach any external attachments. Their pineal gland must be cleared with warm molten Mother Gaia liquid to remove heavy metals and stimulate connection with their higher power or wise mind. Implant new cords, programs, and neuropathways for their highest and best.
Guides: Archangel Metatron to rewire and reprogram self for the highest and best.
Archangel Michael for protection from darkness.
Mother Gaia for connection with nature.

5. Toxic – They work in tandem with the dark side and exhibit mean, aggressive, uncaring service-to-self behavior.
Energy: Is often black, with very heavy darkness, very tight to the body, or closed off.
Clearing: Must be granted approval from them to work on them. If approval is granted, call on Archangel Michael to remove the darkness. Expert training may be required to detach cords or remove attachments, followed by a soul healing to ground them to the earth. If approval is denied, send positive energy or prayer and ask for Light beings to watch over them.
Guides: Archangel Michael removes energies and returns where they belong.
Archangel Samael holds them accountable for their actions.

There are countless varieties of energy clearing methods based on each individual’s path, experience, and personal issues. This is a very simplistic description of how you may wish to proceed with your hypnosis, Reiki, or other energy clearing practices. These suggestions are specifically designed to clear toxins from the body in light of those who are concerned or have been influenced by today’s health crisis. As always, be sure to pay attention to the guidance you are given and follow your heart to assist your clients for their highest good.

Being aware of what is going on in the world is critical to helping shift humanity to the positive. However, we must be cautious about becoming too vested in or worried about any fear-based outcomes. Archangel Michael has said that the good has already won this war and we must do our part to help those who have chosen to heal with the power of Light. We must focus our energy on the goodness of life and embrace the ultimate positive outcome. As we hold ourselves in a higher vibrational state, we manifest positive energy while holding the light of love and peace for all.

If you would like individual guidance or assistance, please reach out to me, enroll in a class, or join one of our empowerment discussion groups.

Many Blessings on Your Path of Light,
Lois Hermann

*Be sure to listen to the recording of the Inspiring Hope Show with Lois Hermann with Kathy Kubacki, one of my Angel Team members. We discuss concepts outlined in this blog and many insights shared by Jesus. The replay is available as a blog on my youtube channel and this website as well.

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