Many people are feeling the strong energies associated with the fear, conflict, and confusion in our world. Some empaths are aware of the energy shifts, while others act out without conscious awareness. Being able to feel another’s energy is a gift and a curse. Toxic energy can bog down sensitive, empaths ones so they have a difficult time performing what they need to do. Even before Covid, many sensitive healers were stepping back from helping others because their energy was being affected in challenging ways. With the onslaught of negativity and continued bombardment of fear over the past year, the dense energy has accelerated, greatly affecting many healers.

My guest today, Peter van Twuyver is Structural Bodyworker, Physical Therapist, and an incredible healer who is concerned with how these intense energies are affecting healers. He is creating an international summit to provide care for the healers. In today’s show, we speak about what he does to help others, the Seven Rays, and his upcoming Self-Care for the Healers Summit. Peter believes when we make an effort to try something, we have actually taken the first step in the act of doing it. If at first we don’t succeed… try, try again!