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This year is off to a wonderful start. I am blessed to have such incredible people join me on my new radio show, “Inspiring Hope with Lois Hermann.” The show is live on Sunday mornings, where we shine the light on everyday people and bring good news for listeners to start their week. The information shared by my amazing guests has inspired me to share parts of their stories in this monthly newsletter. From snippets of the show, to guest blogs, we will feature their messages here as well. I hope you will enjoy hearing from them in this format as so many listeners are embracing the positive messages they bring to the show. You can listen to the shows on my business Facebook page or by subscribing to our new YouTube channel. We are excited to share these inspiring stories with you.

Access Your Subconscious Mind with Hypnosis for Healing

By Christine Snyder, guest on the radio show, “Inspiring Hope with Lois Hermann”

My daughter, Caroline, age 17, has had many health challenges related to going undiagnosed with Lyme Disease for 12 years. Growing up, her symptoms, both physical and mental, were seemingly unrelated and disjointed, and misdiagnoses and incorrect answers resulted as I travelled to dozens of doctors and specialists who dealt with all her symptoms separately.

Finally, in the spring of 2017, I got accurate information and answers for my then very sick 14-year old teenager. That place was holistic medicine, where doctors often need to look far and wide to uncover the root cause of symptoms, evaluate the whole body from a big picture perspective, and are not confined to what health insurance allows and doesn’t allow.

Unfortunately, at that point, multiple infections, viruses, and toxicity had grown to rendering my daughter completely nonfunctional, with countless symptoms that ranged from debilitating stomach aches and headaches to severe anxiety, agoraphobia, and brain fog. In fact, the brain fog was so severe that my former honor roll student and avid reader lost her ability to read. She began Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy, where magnets neutralize the body, diminish acidity, and restore the body’s ideal PH level where infection cannot survive.

Several months into treatment, her body was working hard to kill and detox multiple layers of infection; however, we were not seeing improvement in symptoms. I knew family and friends were thinking, “Oh, no, the treatment isn’t working.” Some even questioned me directly, suggesting we try other treatment. Her specialist had confirmed that with her very favorable liver and kidney numbers, she was detoxing infection at significant speed. So, why weren’t symptoms alleviating? What was the problem? It turns out, just because you kill the infection doesn’t mean all the symptoms automatically disappear, especially when they have been present for years.

Compliments of Lyme, Caroline grew up with symptoms of anxiety and fear, and then later developed OCD and paranoia as Lyme infiltrated her body. Her brain was conditioned well for associated behaviors, very well in fact, with continual practice and repetition through the years. Her brain excelled at producing anxiety and fear, in particular. It has been necessary for her to unlearn these unhealthy behaviors and literally rewire new neurological pathways to re-condition her brain to respond in a healthier way to triggers. But, it’s much harder to unlearn a behavior than it is to learn.

Hypnosis from leading board-certified clinical hypnotist Lois Hermann was recommended. I knew very little about hypnosis and putting my daughter into a hypnotic “trance” state sounded a bit scary. I’ve since learned and experienced several times for myself that hypnosis is simply a deep state of relaxation that allows you to quiet your mind and shut out the noise of the outside world, giving you the opportunity to access your subconscious and sometimes superconscious mind. You are completely conscious and aware of what’s happening.

Exactly nine months into magnet treatment, Caroline’s specialist had expected that she would have been able to resume reading. However, in previous attempts of opening a book and looking at a page, the text was blurred and lines ran together due to vision issues from Lyme. It was scary, and her brain naturally cued and responded with excessive fear, the symptom that her brain has been producing with ease on a daily basis for years. The fear prohibited her from opening a book. With hypnosis, Lois was able to help Caroline to tap into her subconscious to understand and release that fear. The next day, she opened the first Harry Potter book that she had longed to immerse herself in, and read the seven-book series in seven weeks.

I think many people recovering from Lyme miss the part of retraining their brain for a different, healthier response. They kill the tick-borne infection (or in some cases are told it’s killed but it’s not—another story), but they don’t retrain their brain. In no way do I want to imply that the process of unlearning and re-conditioning the brain is simple. On the contrary, it’s difficult and takes time.

It’s really hard to unlearn behaviors and change brain patterns that have been conditioned, practiced, repeated, and reinforced through the years, particularly on a developing brain. One of her biggest challenges to a full recovery is reconditioning her brain, for the first time, to think, act, behave, and respond as a healthy person, and not as how she remembers the sick person responds. She is still working with hypnosis as well as other techniques to change her brain’s responses.

I am grateful for the extensive experience that Lois Hermann has brought to Caroline’s health journey, allowing her to tap into the much-needed wisdom of her subconscious to access the area of the brain where the reconditioning and the relearning takes place. It is our subconscious mind that is filled with infinite wisdom that can be very healing if we access it.

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Christine Snyder is the proud mother of 17-year old Caroline as well as Joann, a 22-year old graduate student at Ithaca College. She has worked in marketing and public relations for close to 30 years. She aspires to be an advocate for kids and teens battling mental health issues and their associated undiagnosed medical causes. She resides in Hollis, NH, along with Caroline and with her husband Dan. She can be reached at [email protected].


Thank you, Christine, for you and for all that you do. I am blessed to call you friend and have you as a key member of Team Hope.

Let her story encourage you to tap into positive energy of your subconscious mind to create a new life. If you or a friend could use assistance achieving personal or professional goals, invite them to schedule an Initial Consultation with us at or call 844-777-7812.

May your year continue to be blessed with peace, health, and happiness. May you be surrounded by dear friends, create wonderful memories, and treasure the beloved gifts of nature.

Many Blessings for a Hopeful and Happy Month,

Lois Hermann


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