Inspiring Ghost Stories

Do you love a good ghost story? Are you somewhat curious about or fascinated with the unseen world around you? I have been asked to write a story about ghosts for October, based on some of my clients’ energy clearing and alignment sessions. I regularly encounter spirits of lost souls around clients. Often, people refer to these earthbound spirits as “ghosts.”
Many clients sense a loved one around them. If it is a positive feeling, that usually means their loved one is in a good place and are there to help and encourage. However, there are also spirits of people who died upset, sad, mad, or confused, and are stuck in the earth plane. These lost souls can hang around family members or other kind persons. These spirits bring their emotional baggage to their host, draining the host’s energy and causing strange, impulsive behaviors or unexplained feelings. Sometimes, children sense and communicate with these lost spirits as imaginary friends or scary ghosts.
One lovely woman had the spirit of her overbearing, critical father still around her many years after he died. She felt a strong sense of negativity about herself and constantly heard his negative words in her mind. It was distracting, disturbing, and debilitating for her. Once we identified and guided him safely into the Light, her mind was quiet, her thoughts were clear, and she was able to finally feel good about herself at the age of 50. I am blessed to be a facilitator on these insightful journeys, helping to guide many lost souls into the Light, which brings freedom to both the lost ones and the living.
Many who read my first book, Spirits of Amoskeag ~ the Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills, have asked for some follow-up. If you haven’t read it, now is the perfect time of year to read it. The book was written in response to a promise made to a group of spirits who caused accidents to get attention. They agreed to stop their activity and go into the Light if we published their heart-wrenching story on working in the manufacturing mills in a horrific situation in the 1800’s. Learn more and watch the trailer here:
Here is a great follow-up story I can share: One year to the day after publishing the Spirits’ book, I was doing a presentation to a group of spiritually aware people. Afterwards, one very gifted woman asked if it was my birthday. I assured her it was not. She said that she could sense a young man standing next to me during the presentation holding a cupcake with a single lit candle wanting to give it to me. She kept telling him, “Not right now, she’s talking.” Then… it dawned on me… one year before was the exact day that I received the first copies of their book, the one that finally told their story. Though I had forgotten the anniversary, they had remembered, and were sharing their gratitude with me. I felt tears of joy, and was so grateful that they were happy and safely tucked into the Light. Many times spirits have  come through in sessions just to say thanks.
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Many Blessings,

 Lois Hermann

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