We Are Multi-Dimensional Beings: Mind-Body-Spirit!

Body-Mind-Spirit or Mind-Body-Spirit… Most people think of themselves as physical, mental, and emotional beings. We need to consider the spiritual aspect of ourselves that adds to the equation of who we really are and how we can help ourselves to heal.

The body is the physical structure or vehicle that we drive through life. It is composed of the size, shape, structure, and health of our physical being, which includes the skeletal, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, reproductive and other systems as defined by biology. The health of our body is influenced by the things we eat, the sleep we get, and how much we exercise. Our body is also influenced by individual habits, unique limitations, our environment, and our genetics. From a medical perspective, we go to the doctor to fix the mechanical structure that we call our body.

The mind is the powerful driver of the vehicle that we call our body. We are the result of everything we have ever thought, felt or experienced. Buddha once said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” When we consider that our mind is the driver of our body during our lifetime, we should pay close attention to the mental fuel we are using. When we focus on negative thoughts, our physical body responds with illness or injury. Sadness, worry, fears or extreme stress are symptoms of mental distress that usually lead to physical issues. When we are able to choose positive thoughts, regardless of what is going on around us, the body is better able to respond with resiliency… to rise above and recover from the situation.

The spirit is the essence of who we are. It is the inspiration that motivates us. Our spirit inspires us to make the choices we make. Some people describe what they see or sense as the aura or energy field around our body. Actually, the auric energy really is our spiritual essence. The French Jesuit Priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are spiritual beings having a human existence!” When you reflect on that, only a finite amount of our spirit can squeeze into the physical structure of the body, so the rest of us exist around our bodies as what some call our aura. Have you ever been sitting too close to someone and felt uncomfortable? That is because your energy field was touching theirs and there was a mismatch. Conversely, when you are sitting close to someone you love and enjoy, the feeling is comfortable and joyous. Your energy is aligned with each other. When the spiritual being becomes bogged down with negative energy from experiences or others around us, it affects our mind, which influences our body as well. We are so much more than simply our mechanical body. So, to effect true transformation, we must work on all levels of our being to create change.

Mind-Body-Spirit Transformation

With hypnosis, we delve into all levels of the being, Mind–Body–Spirit, to facilitate rejuvenation and restoration of health and wellness. With the body, we uncover the underlying or root cause, which is typically from an emotional event, and further compounded by external needs for comfort, which are not always the healthiest choices. (We smoke, drink, eat too much sugar, gamble, or get angry…) Hypnosis has long been used for mind/body shifts. Although we cannot change history, we can shift how we feel about old memories, which then cause us to make healthier choices.

In our Center, we also work with the spiritual aspect of a person, their higher self or wise mind, to get answers that help the client maintain permanent shifts over the long term. In addition to clearing any negative spiritual energy, we love connecting clients with their angels or Guides, such as when a child calls on a magical fairy, someone speaks with the great teacher Jesus, yet another calls upon Brother Buffalo, and another connects with Baby Ganesh. Some of my personal favorite Guides are the Archangels, who are always available; we just need to remember to call on them. In hypnosis, clients are able to connect and communicate with their own concept of powerful spiritual energies clearly and confidently. The messages that come through are profound and empowering. The insights they gain help our clients to shift in profound ways across all levels… body–mind–spirit.

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We love what we do, and are blessed to be of assistance to you on your journey.

Blessings of Hope,


Lois Hermann & Associates, LLC

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Leanne said…

My teenage son was struggling with stuttering, hesitation and nervous tics. For several years, we went to speech therapists and counseling, and nothing seemed to work. I saw your name and thought there was nothing to lose. I got to know you and have been so delighted with the results.

My son has come a long way… he is louder, he speaks up, and his hesitation is very, very vague. If you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t know it was there. He is getting more articulate, confident and even made the soccer team! He really enjoys the sessions with you, and I truly believe in this. It is an odd feeling, you have to see it to believe it. I wished I had found this a long time ago, it would have saved a lot of heartaches. I recommend this to other mothers… 110%!

Leanne for A. – High School Sophomore