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We never really know where connections, coincidences & quests will take us, do we?

I remember some fascinating coincidental connections that I made 25 years ago when I first moved to New England. I happened to live across the street from Rev. Agnes Sallet von Tannenberg, Holocaust survivor, single mother of eight, and the most incredibly uplifting person I have ever known. Agnes is finally resting peacefully on a new quest amidst her precious angels and powerful light-beings. She introduced me to the world of true spirituality as my Reiki-Master Teacher, Hypnosis Trainer, dearest friend, soul sister, spiritual mother, and mentor. I will miss talking to her, with her ever encouraging advice, yet will carry her in my heart, mind, and spirit forever.

Talk about your coincidental meetings… I was really in need of a ghost buster when my car was abruptly crashed into by Abbah, a Catholic priest and dear friend of Agnes who was backing out of the driveway after a visit with her. Since I could hardly get angry at this apologetic priest, I decided to invite him and Agnes over to bless my home instead. Looking back, it was the perfect time to form connections with Agnes and Abbah.

At the time, my young daughter often spoke of a lady who would stand by her bed and sing to her at night. I discovered that a woman named Judy used to live in our house, and sadly, had shot herself in the basement as a way to escape severe domestic abuse. So…Agnes and Abbah came for a lovely visit. They left, telling me I needed to learn how to communicate with the spirit myself… say WHAT?! I was not even a good Catholic! That night, following their instruction, I helped Judy into the light. She was the first of many that my daughter would see, and I would help. Thus started my spiritual connections quest.

With Agnes’s teaching, I became a Reiki Master-Teacher, Certified Hypnotist and an avid student of A Course In Miracles. Having received extensive training by priests and metaphysical hypnotists, I currently blend traditional hypnosis techniques with unique spirit release techniques in my client sessions. As I help clients release negative thoughts, habits, and behaviors, I often find myself communicating with spirits of lost souls who are hanging around the client. Most spirits are lonely and longing for peace, yet bring their own negative issues to their living host. They cause emotional disturbances, negative behaviors, and sometimes physical effects. Strange I know, yet it has become my quest to help these lost souls, as I help my clients develop positive habits and find peace.

Years ago, I made a promise to a group of spirits that were causing disturbances. That promise compelled me to write Spirits of Amoskeag – The Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills. The quest to complete the book was wrapped in coincidental connections. Without the specific people who were placed on my path in the right place, at the right time, the book would have never been written. Even the co-author on the journey, Peter Paulson, and I met coincidentally at a networking meeting that neither of us regularly attended. We worked diligently on the book for over a year, gathering information, documenting, researching, writing, and publishing the story of the children, the hard-working heroes of the Manchester mills. Peter and I continue to work together, gaining insightful stories for the next book, and helping lost spirits find peace. We now perform remote clearing sessions for people across the country. This has been an amazing journey, and somehow, I sense that it has only just begun. Take it from me…you just never know where those coincidental connection quests will take you.

My advice is to┬ábe open to coincidental possibilities and connections.┬áPeople, places, and events show up to grab your attention. Be in the moment, in awe of the magic and the miracles of life. Watch for the signs that you are being guided. Stay very connected to your own higher power, your wise mind. Trust that you are on your own spiritual quest. Remember, it is about the journey, never the destination…the current climb simply brings you to the next vista.

If you are drawn to expand your own spiritual awareness, please join us in September on our Bali Quest to Eat, Pray & Enjoy! After several long years of never ending busyness, I am really looking forward to sharing this journey of peace with the small group of people that are compelled to accompany us.

Many Blessings,

Lois Hermann

You are never where you are by accident, and chance plays no part on your path to salvation. – ACIM