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The Mind~Body~Spirit Trio

Often, I write about the mind-body connection, and how our amazing mind has the power to affect our body, the physical self. However, the mysterious third part of this dynamic trio, our spiritual self, allows us to discover even higher level solutions, insights, and spiritual connections. When we think about it relative to the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious mind, it makes perfect sense. Our conscious mind is really the smallest part of our mind. It is the list-making, analytical mind that keeps us organized and on task. Our subconscious mind houses our autonomic system which keeps us going without us even thinking about breathing, digesting, or growing hair and nails. The subconscious is also a vast storehouse of memories, feelings and emotions, which we tap into on a regular basis. Like accessing a huge master computer, we react to old memories whether we consciously wish to or not.

Think of the superconscious mind as the spiritual part of ourselves, our “Wise Mind” that is connected to divine wisdom, infinite energy, and ultimate possibilities. Those with a religious faith may relate to the essence of Jesus, Mary, Solomon, or Angels. Others who are more into natural energy may connect with the energy of nature, universal energy, or the essence of divine love. Children love to connect with unicorns, fairies, or a beloved grandparent. Regardless of one’s personal belief system, I encourage clients to tap into their higher self, to connect with their Spiritual Guides for unique answers that keep them from going in circles…doing the same things over and over and expecting a different outcome.

In addition to connection with ascended masters and angels, we can also connect with those who have died and have passed from this physical life into the next.  With the introduction of my new book, Spirits of Amoskeag, The Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills, I would like to share more about the spiritual aspect of hypnosis. As a transpersonal hypnotist, when I become aware of a spirit, I facilitate communication between the spirit and my client. Unlike a psychic who sees and communicates directly with the spirit world, I am simply the guide who helps my client connect with the spirit of their own passed-over loved one. Consider that people who have passed from this life are simply in another “state.” It is as if they have moved to Alaska. Though we cannot see them in our physical realm, their spiritual energy or essence still exists. Often, the spirit of the passed-over loved one has attempted to communicate to their living loved ones. Some people clearly sense them and others dismiss the sensation as weird, scary, or unlikely.

In twenty years of doing this work, I can tell you just how real the spiritual connections can be. Once we quiet our mind to external distractions, as in prayer, meditation or hypnosis, we have the opportunity to clearly visualize the spirit, sense its presence, and have a very real dialogue with them. I have witnessed this hundreds of times and am always impressed by the healing that happens when the living client realizes that their loved one is doing well on the other side. Once we understand how to connect, we can connect with our loved ones or guides as often as we like.

Sometimes, as in the Spirits of Amoskeag book, there are people who have died that were scared, angry, or confused, and did not go into the light. These spirits are earth-bound, are often called ghosts, and could be considered the “lost souls of purgatory” by Christian standards. Remember the movie Ghost? Sam (Patrick Swayze) was murdered and went to leave his body, but Molly (Demi Moore) yells at him, “Don’t you leave me, you *&%$!?!” So he stayed and communicated through Oda Mae (Whoopi Goldberg) to solve the mystery of his murder. The movie even wonderfully depicted the two lovers connecting through spirit. Once all was resolved, a beam of light opened and Sam went up into the light. Well, that is pretty much what happens with the spirits around my clients, minus the theatrics. If there is a spirit who is unresolved with their death, we (the client and I) communicate with them and help them into the light. I simply consider myself the shipping department, I help them find their way to a healing place. Having been taught by two priests and several metaphysical hypnotists in the specialized techniques that I use, the process is kind, gentle, and comforting. It is also extremely satisfying to help those who have been lost find their way to peace.

Clients come for routine hypnosis coaching sessions like stress, habit issues, and to create positive change. Many clients have no spirits around them at all; the topic never even comes up. Some clients specifically request to communicate with a passed-over loved one or guide, and a few sensitive people openly request to clear the spirits around them. Most have no idea that there are spirits around them, yet if a spirit shows up, when the session is over it makes perfect sense to them.  I am trained to recognize when a spirit shows up, confirm it is a spirit instead of a past life or genetic memory, and at that point, assist them. In a way, it is really quite simple. Yet, it is also very important to have the appropriate training to do this specialized trans-personal work. Agnes Sallet, one of my wise master-teachers once said, “Never open the cage door unless you know how to tame the tiger.”

Since the stories in this new book involve clearing hundreds of spirits from the Amoskeag mills, my role as a “Spirit Communicator” is now public. Please embrace the book as a historical mystery, a tragedy, a missing piece of history. Be prepared to feel the sadness that overshadowed the entire society of that era by what they called “the unspeakable,” and observe the healing as they complete their journey into the light.

I hope you have learned more about the spiritual aspect of “mind-body-spirit’ hypnosis. Now that I’m out of the closet as a “Spirit Communicator,” if you know someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, or would like to experience spiritual connection, please give them my contact information, and have them call for a free consultation.
Many Blessings,