Lightworkers and Lightwarriors

There are such incredible Lightworkers and Light-warriors who walk silently among us. I am ever grateful for their presence and efforts. With so much toxic negativity in our world today, from the fear of Covid exposure to deciding whether to get vaccinated, to facing job loss and emotionally distressed friends, many spiritually aware people are really struggling to maintain uplifted energy in the wake of such negativity. The Archangels tell us, if we get caught in the fear-based narrative painted by external influential sources, we risk being snared in an illusionary web created by evil, whose intention is to bring sadness, despair, and sickness to weaken and control the masses. There is so much deception around us that we must dig for the hidden truth ourselves.

When we make an attempt to see beyond the illusion, we gain clarity and are able to discern for ourselves truth from fiction, right from wrong. We recognize actions that have brought disruption to our world along with invasive toxic exposure to innocent people. We cannot unsee the ones who are tainted by the shadow and are disappointed by those whose intent is to deceive for personal gain. As we learn to trust ourselves, we gain clarity in those whom we can trust and discover incredible resources in the Lightworker community who embrace the light of truth. We find solace in our soul family members who shine brightly in the light of hope, honesty, peace, and grace.

Clearing Toxic Auras

In many years of working together, our Lightworker team has learned to discern between beings of darkness and those in the light. We have experienced great success using light trance states to clear negative energy from people’s auras and shift the darkness to light. Recently we have noticed a dense, muddiness in people’s auras, often with strange metallic energy flecks and spikes in the fields surrounding some vaccinated people. There are also diminished, burnt-looking auras surrounding those who have been in contact with people who are vaccinated.

Our Lightworker team was given specific energy exercises to use to clear the toxic energy surrounding everyone, and have witnessed great results while re-aligning the energy from the toxic exposure in those who are open to shifting their energy. To be most effective, we must each be willing to do the work necessary to maintain balanced energy with daily spiritual hygiene. We must make a habit of clearing and rebooting our energy on a regular basis. As we learn to keep ourselves healthy on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, we maintain a higher vibrational frequency that assists in avoiding illness. Here is a link to the exercises we use:

Lighting Paths to Peace

In addition, our Lightworker Team works together to shift the negative energy of communities and collectives around our world for over a year. Through our group journeys, our amazing Guides have given us much information on how to modify the toxic energy from substances we are exposed to. As we embrace clarity, we empower clear discernment between truth and the illusion of fiction. Many people in the spotlight are under intense spiritual attack from dark entities that attempt to keep the positive information from coming forward. Our dedicated group of Light Warriors clear the path for illuminated energy and offer protection for many around the world.

This special Light-Warrior team has worked steadily to remove the darkness and bring the light of hope to humanity. We are dedicated to helping others who seek truth to move beyond the darkness into the light of peace. It only takes a few Lightworkers and Light-Warriors to make a difference in our world. When two or more are gathered in the name of love, our light shines brightly. Those who are stuck in the toxic negative may never awaken to the empowering light of ascension. That is their choice. Our hope is that some will wake in time. We pray that all will awaken to embrace the dawn of the new golden era of grace and peace that is upon us.

If you are Lightworker and wish to join the effort to bring hope to our world, please reach out. We welcome you to join our Hope Community to share spiritual insights together. From there you may choose to become involved in our incredible Lightworker Alliance. Our mission is to bring light to our world.

May You be Blessed with the Light of Love,
Lois Hermann