Halloween is a time many folks decorate with spooks and goblins and scary ghosts. Many folks actually see or hear ghosts. When spirits speak… do you listen? Today’s show is dedicated to the world of the unseen. As we understand more about ghosts or spirits, we are better equipped when we encounter them. There are many types of spirits from the high vibrational realm of angelic beings to the low-level entities and nasties that are stuck in lower dimensions. Do you know the difference? It is important to be aware of what surrounds us in this unseen world and discern how best to interact with them.

Halloween is an ancient sacred, hallowed, time when the veil between the spiritual and physical worlds is very thin. During this time, we can more readily connect with unseen spirits. It was the custom of ancestors to come together on the eve of All Hallows Day, dressed in costumes of good or evil spirits to act out the battle between good and evil. Their intention was for the good to win and ward off evil spirits, asking for God’s blessing and protection from evil in their world. Certain rituals have also been utilized to call on the power of darkness or evil for personal gain. This phenomenon is very real and exists to this day. Over time, the intention behind the holiday has been lost to most. We dress our children up in scary costumes and send them into the world to gather candy from strangers, teaching them to venerate the power of darkness. What is wrong with this picture?

The veil between dimensions is thin enough to sense disincarnate souls more readily at the end of October. Are you able to sense spirits around you? I have been aware of the spiritual realm for over 30 years and have extensive experience communicating with spirits, angels, demons, and more. There are so many stories to share, and today, I wish to remind you of the importance of keeping your energy in a high vibrational state as we delve into the realm of the great unseen.

I wish to extend great appreciation to Stephanie McQuade for creating the image montage that accompanies today’s show. Pictures and music clips make the message even more captivating.

Enjoy… wishing a happy and sacred Halloween to you and yours!
Many Blessings, Lois