Reset, Reframe, Reprogram

Are you enjoying this wonderful springtime? Are you feeling uplifted and hopeful, or is fear negatively impacting you? The pandemic was supposed to end after a few weeks, yet seems to continue with the addition of isolation, masks, tests, vaccines, and extreme concerns about how these toxic exposures can affect our body, our being. How can we stay uplifted and calm during such fear? It begins with what you choose to ingest, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Who or what do you listen to on a regular basis? Are you so busy that you run home from work only to turn on the TV? Do you watch gory, scary movies? Do you listen to harsh music or intensely negative friends? We are electromagnetic individuals with vibrational frequencies that resonate based on our intake, be it food, water, news, or noise. Everything has a vibration, and all vibrations affect our energy whether we are consciously aware of them or not.

An NLP professional, I am fascinated by how much Neuro-Linguistic Programming is used in our media. From news to politics to entertainment in music, movies, and TV – are you aware of the mind-control pervading our world? When you become conscious of it – you cannot help but notice how blatantly it is used and how blind the masses are to the fact that they are being “programmed.” In other words, if we are not careful, we are brainwashed by the narrative that is planted in our minds by those who choose to “sell” us something… be it a product, a concept, a political agenda, or even false news.

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is how our neurology is programmed by linguistics, the words we hear, see, think, and speak. Learning about the power of words made a lasting impression on me over 20 years ago when I took my first NLP training. Over the years I went on to become an NLP Master and Trainer and totally believe in the power of words. Words Matter. What we think, read, hear, and say really matters… to ourselves and to others. I am an ardent believer in the power of the mind, and the awareness of NLP causes me to listen and observe people more closely that I may better understand and be able to respond with more clarity of thought.

Subconscious Mindset – Words Matter

The subconscious mind is the deep internal part of the mind that is the driver for choices, habits, and emotions. It is the storehouse of every memory from birth and beyond. We react to those memories based on triggers that cause us to respond with our senses in what we see, touch, hear, smell, or taste. The superconscious mind is the infinite part of the mind that communicates with higher sources of wisdom in different ways. It could be referred to as the wise mind, divine wisdom, or higher power. The superconscious is the part of the mind that brings us peace.

What if you could shift your subconscious mindset and take control of your own mind? What if you knew ways to discern truth from fiction? What if you had the tools to master your thoughts and were able to influence others with the power of your words? Words matter. Thoughts matter… what you listen to matters. Choose wisely the source of your inspiration. What you surround yourself with you become… be it people, music, media, or TV programming. Why do you think they call it programming? This is not a new concept; mind control has been used to make others compliant for many, many years.

In the Chronicles of Hope session with Gaia, she tells us, “The concept of reward and punishment was introduced by religion as a way to control people. If you’re good now, it will be good for you later.” For years humans have believed that without the promise of reward or the threat of punishment, the physically strong would simply dominate everyone else.”

If you examine civilization today, you will see the strong still dominate, except the definition of strong has changed. It is no longer the biggest and the physically strongest. Those who have gathered more than they need are modern civilization’s definition of strong.

Gaia says, “Considering that most of the resources of the world are controlled by a very small handful of people, what you have is not a stable civilization. It is a minority of people who cause the majority of problems. There are plenty of people who know these things, and who speak about them. But their voices are not heard, or worse, they’re shouted down by the people who know they’re doing damage… but doing it for profit.”

Today, many are censored for sharing their beliefs. We are living in a time of blatant mind-control and indoctrination.

Compliments and Intentions

Jesus tells us the voices of the people who do more good than harm don’t seem to attract the attention of the people in the middle. The voices of the people who do more harm than good seem to be heard more clearly. He told me that we need to make known the voice of the people who do good. They need to be heard. We must amplify the positive, the honest, and the uplifting.

One special comment he made is that we need to speak the compliment aloud. People are hungry to hear good things, especially in this time of being exposed to so much fear. It is important to let people know when they have done well. A system based entirely on punishment without reward can never work. Jesus tells us, “Whenever you must say something to somebody to correct an action, try if you can to compliment them on a positive action at the same time.” This is the root of NLP change work.

Jesus tells us that humanity is in worse shape now than it was when he was here two thousand years ago. We have an upward struggle to help humanity. There have been many who have said, “My way is the only way.” Nothing could ever be further from the truth. “Humanity is too complex to believe that there is ever one course of action.” Rather than accept everything we hear or see as absolute, we should open our minds, ask questions, and explore possibilities in order to gain clarity which leads to peace of mind.

Jesus commented on the importance of how we speak to each other. He said that English is a difficult language, that words have definitions and connotations. It is difficult to speak literally without being misinterpreted. This is especially true in written words that do not have emphasis. The Atlantean God Rae said, “It is not so much what you say, it is the belief in what you say that matters. It is all about the intention.” He continued, “There’s a reason why honesty has always been a most valued quality. If you cannot be true to your own beliefs, how can you possibly be true to anything?” Many people are unaware of their own beliefs right now; they have been so programmed to follow the narrative that they respond harshly without really understanding why. Their minds have been manipulated.

Typically, what is seen is a projection into the minds of others. It is a function of how the mind processes information. If you introduce a vision into someone’s mind, they will think they see it. It is possible to program others to believe the way you want them to by repetition, emphasis, and introducing controlling thoughts. This is what has happened to control the masses. What can we do to shift this mental programming?

Shift Your Energy from Fear to…

First, we must transform the FEAR narrative in order to survive and thrive. FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is a useful, naturally occurring emotion based on the need to protect the self, from bears, bullies, and bruises. That said, there are those in our public arena who use and accelerate fear thoughts to control the masses. Extensive, ongoing fear lowers the immune system, perpetuates illness, weakness, and hopelessness. Universal Energy in Chronicles of Hope: The Collective told us that we must feel what another feels in order to feel less afraid and more connected.

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As we hold ourselves in a higher vibrational state, we manifest positive energy while holding the light of love and peace for all.
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Many Blessings on Your Path of Change,
Lois Hermann

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