Welcome to our Lightworker Alliance Solstice Celebration gathering!

On 12/21/20 our Lightworker team gathered to share insights on the significance of this special celestial event that heralds the Age of Aquarius. We embraced the energy as Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct with one another, creating the appearance of a very rare bright star on the horizon, the Bethlehem Star.

For many months our lightworker team has been shining the light of truth around our world, surrounding all who live in and on her in love. We offer insight into the energy shift that we are feeling and provide thoughts on how to protect and uplift your energy toward becoming open to 5th-dimensional awareness.

We enjoyed a special mini-meditation, shining the light of hope, love, and peace for humanity, our Mother Gaia, and all who live on our wonderful planet Earth at this significant time in history.

We hope you enjoy this special gathering as much as we did. If you would like to join our wonderful Lightworker team, a good place to start is at our Community of Hope gatherings. Register at www.ChroniclesofHope.net/Community. We look forward to meeting with you there.

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann & Team Hope