Let’s Support Peace On Earth

Let’s inspire hope and support peace on Earth with positive energy this holiday season. When we focus our thoughts and energies on what we love to do, we engage in a creative shift that causes us to be more positive and peaceful. As we lift our spirits, we lift the energy around us, resulting in shifts for everyone. If we each do what we can to make even small shifts in awareness, kindness, healthy habits, and happiness, we create ripples of hope. I recently had the honor of learning how to make this possible—how each of us can contribute to inspiring hope.

Over the last couple of years, I found myself in the middle of a series of conversations that were channeled through a hypnosis client who was looking for help with sleep issues. During several hypnosis sessions, the Anquietas, or Ancient Ones, spoke directly to me, saying they were wise spiritual beings, present since the beginning of time. They want us to help shift the state of our world back to the positive before it is too late. These Ancient Ones were able to communicate insight, wisdom, and advice on the topics of vibrational energy, clearing negative energy, spirituality, history, humanity, and hope for the future. They shared their knowledge and advice with the ultimate aim of helping civilization and humanity to change its course.

There are many people doing wonderful things for our planet. We are told, “Do what you do because it is the right thing to do. It only takes one spark to make a change.” Our effort is to empower the helpful people by using “Our Roadmap for Hope,” which is a synopsis of the messages in my life-changing hypnosis-based book, Chronicles of Hope. Together, we can be catalysts for positive change.

Our Roadmap for Hope

  1. Honor our Earth: connect with nature.
  2. Care for the body: choose health.
  3. Create with joy: do uplifting things.
  4. Raise vibrational energy: smile and laugh.
  5. Know that there is plenty: share what you can.
  6. Respect each other: make personal connections.
  7. Ask for assistance: reach for the Light.
  8. Live with gratitude: appreciate what is.

NATH grants beautiful award!

I am especially honored to have received an amazing award from NATH, the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, for my contributions to transpersonal hypnotherapy. The beautiful crystal flame award was given for my Energy Clearing & Alignment trainings, and for the powerful messages in Chronicles of Hope, The Anquietas. Linda Thunberg, President and CEO of NATH stated, “This book is a must read for all transpersonal hypnotists.” She added, “If you like authors Brian Weiss and Georgina Gannon, you will love this book.” Hypnotists, therapists, energy workers, empaths, and those who are open will find this information particularly useful to help keep clients and our own energy strong and positive.

“Inspiring Hope with Lois Hermann” radio show to air soon!

Together, we can inspire the necessary hope for humanity to shift this world in a more positive direction and make this world a better place. If you would like to showcase someone who is inspiring hope, please let us know. I am excited to host a new radio show called “Inspiring Hope with Lois Hermann.” We will feature guests from all walks of life who are doing wonderful things to inspire hope for others. Let’s get the good news out there! We would love to celebrate YOU on the show! Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:00 on WSMN – 1590 – We’ll be streaming live on Facebook too: www.facebook.com/LoisHermannSuccessCoach/

Chronicles of Hope is now available as an Audiobook!

We are so excited to have Chronicles of Hope now available as an Audiobook. Check it out on our Chronicles website, Audible or Amazon! What a treasure to listen to the messages from these Ancient Ones on a cozy winter’s night.

Holiday Gift Ideas

I hope you keep yourself calm and your energy strong in this wonderful season of peace. Celebrate the season with a gift of Chronicles of Hope to the right person on your list, with audiobook, e-book, or softcover choices.

Give of positive energy to a friend or loved one this holiday season to help them succeed in the new year, ask us for a gift certificate or schedule an Initial Consultation at our LoisHermann.com/Contacts page or call us at 844-777-7812.

Many Blessings for a Peace-filled Holiday Season,

Lois Hermann