The Best You Can Be…

If you have been reading my earlier blogs, you may have done the hard work of removing the weeds from your mind and tilling the mental soil. You let go of the pain of the past and forgiven the hurtful memories. NOW… you can plant seeds of love, hope, and new beginnings… You can inspire yourself to be the best you can beMany people are on a quest to seek ways to live a healthier, happier, more connected life, so that they can be their best. Once clients are able to clear away the muck of the past, they can elevate their energy to a place where they readily connect with their higher selves, their Wise Guides, or beloved Angels. Clients are able to receive the inspired messages that they seek. Many people routinely pray or ask for guidance in one way or another. Some use formalized prayer, others meditate, and still others commune through nature. Very few people actually slow down enough to really hear the answers to their requests. The answers are there, people just don’t know how to train their mind to receive the answers that they need. That is one of the magical elements of hypnosis. I am honored to be the catalyst to help those who are on a spiritual quest inspire themselves to be the best they can be. 

Inspire… can be described as being “In Spirit.” When we learn how to quiet our minds, we can receive inspired messages just like so many historical figures who wrote incredible inspirational stories or drew magnificent inspiring pictures. 
They trained their mind to receive… you can too. It was actually easier for them, so many years ago, because they did not have the many distractions that we do. We have all of our crazy electronic devices that keep our minds stimulated, active, and often immersed in the negative. They were able to look quietly out at the stars at night and connect in meaningful ways through the serenity of nature. Last week, I enjoyed some time on the beach at Cape Cod. Even though the temperature was cool, I could still listen to the waves splashing on the shore, watch the seagulls gliding on the air, and feel a true sense of connection to the serenity of our wonderful Mother Earth… Gaia. Nature is one of the most inspirational forces that guide us.

Clients often ask how I stay connected to inner peace. Well, it isn’t always easy. A long-time student of A Course In Miracles, I have embraced a practice of meditating every morning for just a few minutes on the teachings of the Course
. As I set my intention for the day, I allow my mind to receive messages from my amazing Guides. It has taken many years to develop the ability to actually hear, sense and feel their insights… and it was worth the persistence and perseverance that it took to get there. These amazing Guides encourage me to be my best at any given moment. You, too, have the ability to connect with your Guides through the power of hypnosis. After clients have gently released the pain of the past and empowered themselves with positive thoughts, many enjoy the treasure of speaking, seeing, or sensing their Guides. As the hypnotist, I am the human guide, scribe and protector. I assure that clients connect with only positive guides and influences. I have often wanted to write a book on the incredible messages that have come from the spiritual guides and teachers that speak to my clients daily. I am ever inspired by the amazing masters such as Jesus, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Einstein, daVinci, Quan Yin, Baby Ganesh, or the many sweet Grandmotherly Angels.

Here is my recipe for learning to be inspired: 

  1. Let go of the pain of the past through the power of forgiveness. (This takes some work!)
  2. Live in the NOW… the gift of this present moment.
  3. Embrace the vision… the potential for a positive future.
  4. Quiet your mind through daily meditation or self-hypnosis. (Practice makes permanent!)
  5. Pose your questions to your Wise Guides, angels, or loved ones.
  6. Listen… really listen… open your heart and mind to their answers.
  7. Thank them. Commit to a life of gratitude for their guidance.

You too can do this. Remember… Light and Joy and Peace abide in me. (A Course In Miracles) When you learn to listen to your higher wisdom you gain regular insights on how to be the best you can be. Truly, being yourself is really all there is to it. There is no one better at being you than you, yourself. Just learn to BE. 

If you would like some assistance to gain inspiration on how to be the best you can be…
you can connect with your Higher Self, Wise Guides, or Angels through some session work. Give us a call at 884-777-7812 or schedule a session at

We are honored to offer this service for you.

Blessings of Hope,


Lois Hermann & Associates, LLC


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