Rewire Your Brain & Retrain Your Mind for Success

Do you have routine thoughts, habits, and patterns that you wish you could stop? The brain is wired with neural pathways which cause you to do the same things over and over simply because it is easy. You have to make a conscious choice to do something different. This is much like taking the well-worn path in the woods, it is comfortable… even if it doesn’t take you where you want to go. When you decide to do something new, you start to create new neural or neuropathways. Similarly, you have to blaze a new path through the woods and decidedly, repeatedly, go down that path to wear it down into something passable. Only then does it become second nature. Think about it—when you learn a new software program or a different language it seems quite daunting at first. Yet… the more you practice, the better you get at it.

It is the same with a new dance move or learning anything new. At first it feels wrong, difficult, challenging. Yet with time, perseverance, and dedication, you can master anything. There were two expert speakers on this topic at the National Guild of Hypnotist Conference last month. Dr. Annelle Soponis gave great physical descriptions of how the brain is wired and why the neuropathways in the brain cause our patterns, habits, and behaviors to develop. Anesthetist and Hypnotist Tom Bloomquist gave an outstanding presentation on the details of neural anatomy and how our brain is wired for repetitive actions. It takes effort and determination to create change, establish new neuropathways… but it can be done.

If you want to learn to sleep better, make healthier choices, and feel better about yourself, you need to start blazing new brain pathways and stick with it. With time, perseverance, and dedication, you can blaze that new path to make it become second nature, to make it become your new normal. To create a new habit pattern, it is well documented that you should take consistent action for 21–30 days.

In addition, negative thinkers are working off of old negative neural pathways that were developed in their brain. This negative “stinking thinking” stimulates negative neurons which create unhealthy enzymes in our bodies, causing poor health. The unhealthy pathways cause physical, emotional, and mental issues that can be challenging to correct. It is important to consciously redirect these thoughts, to create new pathways that are positive and empowering. Once the positive pathways are created, they release endorphins that allow us to feel better all the way around. As we train our neurons to behave in the way we desire, we boost our health, our energy, our enthusiasm, and our excitement for life.

Those of you who see the glass as half empty need to start filling the glass with positive neurons until you see that glass as half full. Once you start seeing the positive, your entire outlook will change and you will have the ability to create a whole new life. If you need any assistance with redirecting those neurons, please reach out to me. Together, we will reboot that master computer of yours and help you install new thought-ware… positive thoughts you choose to think. Remember, my amazing webmaster called hypnosis the “Anti-virus for the mind!” Schedule a consultation at or give my office a call at 603-402-9134.

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Please join me in continuing to send positive thought, energy, Reiki, and prayers to those who have been devastated by the storms, earthquakes, fires and so much trauma around our beloved Earth. We are all one people… the tribe of Humanity.

Blessings of Hope,

Lois Hermann


Kimberly said…

I would like to express how wonderful it was to work with Lois Hermann. I was impressed with her passion for her work, her ability to explain the fundamentals of the process with clarity and simplicity, and her ability to tease out the issues with care and consideration.

I have known many that have used hypnosis, but this was my first time trying this method. I was pleasantly surprised at how different it was than the stereotypical images I had from television, movies, and comedy clubs. Lois did an amazing job during the sessions and never once did I feel unsafe or out of my own control.

After sessions with Lois, I have seen a great deal of improvement within my own life. I was dealing with an issue of fear that I have been addressing with many different types of combined therapeutic approaches, but this seemed to provide relief in a way I did not think was possible.

I would highly recommend Lois Hermann and her practices to those considering hypnosis, as well as referring her to my own clients.

Kimberly C. – Mental Health Therapist