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Simple Steps to Self Confidence

Sometimes we lack confidence in certain situations or around some people. There are times when we feel uncomfortable trying out something new for fear of not doing it right or being embarrassed. What if you could be more confident even as you are learning a new skill? What if you felt more confident around people or situations that used to make you feel awkward? What if you developed incredible confidence?

Last year, I was asked to write a book. Although I have written many technical manuals, business documents, and these blogs, I have never actually written a “book” before. I was a little overwhelmed with where to start. Finally, after being “stuck” for a while, I mustered up my mojo and jumped right in. The first thing I did was to visualize what it would look like, and connect with my wise mind for direction. Then, I started writing where it made the most sense. It started taking shape and is now in the final editing stages. Now, I am overwhelmed with joy at having completed a daunting task. I know that it is not quite over, yet I am now confident that it will be completed soon, and I can go play in the sunshine of my garden.

Try These Five Simple Steps to Incredible Confidence:

  1. First, take a moment to think about something you are good at…Something that you love to do, that makes you feel good, that you know you do confidently.
  2. Then, really get into the feeling of doing what you love. Notice how you stand, what you say to yourself, how comfortable you are. See…you DO have confidence.
  3. Next, think about what it is that you would like to be more confident and more comfortable doing.
  4. Now, get into that feeling of confidence with what you love to do, and imagine (or think about) yourself doing what you would like to do better, while feeling confident. Really feel yourself being comfortable and confident doing the new task.
  5. Finally, practice makes permanent. Go ahead, get started, take action. Replay the confident thoughts in your mind, especially before you take action on your new goal.

Let me know what challenges you are looking to take on this year. Start somewhere, anywhere. Remember, we all learned to walk, one step at a time. We were pretty wobbly when we first learned to ride a bike. We had to really concentrate when we started using the computer. Well, except for our wonderful younger generations – you come by it naturally!

Doing something confidently is different than doing something perfectly. For example, if a performer is confident instead of tenuous, the audience will enjoy their performance without noticing they are less than fabulous.

When the Olympic gymnasts were asked what it felt like to be at the games for the first time, they commented that they had been there hundreds of times before…they had imagined it in their minds. Visualize what IS possible to start the process of creating incredible confidence.

If you struggle with a lack of confidence or intense shyness, please give me a call. This month, our fun-filled Success Seminar is on Incredible Confidence. Hope to see you here!

Many Blessings,


“If you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull of pretty much anything.” – Katie Perry